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Cristina catches up with Lue Elizondo to find out about what he has been busy with over the last 2 months since the drop of the DoD's UAP Report. Other topics discussed include the sudden silence in mainstream media in regards to UFOs / UAPs reports and discussions, as well as the origin of the source of the UFO / UAP intelligence and what the future holds for disclosure efforts and UFO truth and transparency.

Lue Elizondo is the former Senior Counterintelligence Officer for the Department of Defense, and ex-Director of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. Being primarily focused on secretive investigations of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena ( UAPs ) more commonly known as Unidentified Flying Objects ( UFOs ) the classified program first garnered the attention of the public on December 16, 2017, when the world was stunned by an article published by the NY Times publication entitled "Glowing Auras and 'Black Money'.

The program was initiated in 2007, with an approved budget of $22 million to be used until 2012 when the program would either cease, or request further budget appropriations.

The Department of Defense reported that the program indeed ended in 2012 after a working period of 5 years. Since leaving the AATIP program, Mr. Elizondo has made it a personal crusade to get over many obstacles and hurdles in order to pursue continued research and investigations into the mystery of the UFOs that have buzzed US Navy Carrier Strike groups around the world, flown with impunity into restricted air space, interacted with sensitive National Defense assets, and traversed trans-medium environments such as Space, the Oceans, and the Skies around the globe.

Mr. Elizondo began working with an organization founded in 2011 by the musician Tom DeLonge of the music band Blink-182, known as "To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science" where he was joined by other high ranking ex-Government consultants and officials, such as Dr. Hal Puthoff, who directed a CIA/DIA-funded program at SRI International to investigate paranormal abilities, and Chris Mellon, who was the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence in the Clinton and George W. Bush Administrations, and later in a capacity for Security and Information Operations, and also formerly served as the Staff Director of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

In late 2020 it was reported that Mr. Elizondo and several others had parted company with "TTSA" in order to further pursue their own avenues of UFO Investigations.

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