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on 6/8/2024

Just discovered this site and watched 2024 Skinwalker Team interview. Great stuff! Thank you for hosting this and I look forward to watching a lot more strangeparadigms episodes.

on 4/13/2024

I always check into the latest from Cristina, our fellow wanderer on the path to mystic epiphanies.

on 11/19/2023 Great!

Very entertaining, love all the subjects covered. Nice voice , easy to listen to.
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on 10/8/2023

A great new approach to these immensely complex topics… Very enjoyable & informative…!!! 👍😊💥

on 6/23/2023

She's about to graduate college with degree's in Business and Communications, She's a Content Creator, Podcaster, UFO and Paranormal Researcher, has been a broadcaster on KUNX talk radio the X, is currently doing 4 Live shows a week on Youtube, some of them with Jimmy Church of Fade to Black, Has done interviews with all the investigators at Skinwalker Ranch, has over 500 videos, Interviews with pretty much Everyone in the UFO and Paranormal community, and much more, check out her website, it has links to her Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube channel and more :grinning:

on 6/22/2023 Mind-expanding and entertaining shows

Not only does Cristina bring a fascinating and unique perspective to these topics, but her diligence and inquisitive approach are inspiring. Her keen observations and insights help remind you to stay open-minded and think outside the box. Don’t let her age fool you — she’s highly intelligent, but she also has a great sense of humor. Her livestreams on YouTube are on another level — not only mind-expanding but they also feel like a Friday night hanging out with your closest friends and family.
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on 5/26/2023 Strange Paradigms Podcast

Christina Gomez asks great questions, has interesting guests and is very thorough. She provides ALOT of very high quality content! Highly recommend!
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on 5/6/2023 Consistent and dedicated

Cristina Gomez is doing what so many people refused to do for 70 plus years. She has brought so many topics to the public for public dialogue and engagement. Her awareness,sincerity and determination is shifting the paradigm of the world, especially when we need it the most right now.
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on 5/6/2023 Awesome podcast

Fun and interesting to listen to.
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on 5/5/2023 Mr James Hellmann

Amazing work. Love your presentation style and general theme and content.
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on 5/5/2023 Love Cristina's Show

Looking for an upbeat, intelligent, and passionate look into the paranormal? This is your show. Cristina is open-minded, curious, and fun. Her guests are top people in their fields. Truly one of the best shows on aliens, sightings, and spooky stuff.
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on 5/4/2023 Great Podcast

Good job Christina, I’m so fascinated by all things strange so I love listening to your show! Keep up the good work! Hope someday you can take your show on the road and visit all these strange areas
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on 5/4/2023 “One of The Absolutely Very Best” Paranormal Podcasts!

The host of the show, Cristina Gomez, is extremely talented & very knowledgable able the paranormal. Especially when it comes to the UFO side of things. You do not have to take my word for it, because she is supported by many of the other best Paranormal Podcasters & Journalists in the world! Jimmy Church supports her so much he even takes time out of his own busy schedule to do a regular show with her. Plus Micah Hanks, Jim Harold, and more all support her too! Soon she will be traveling the country, which will include a stop at Skinwalker ranch! So you are missing out BIG if you do not follow this talented young lady!
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on 5/4/2023 Awesome

I love Cristina’s take on the paranormal and unknown subjects. Her & her guests approach these subjects with both research and in some cases personal experiences. I usually watch her YouTube videos but will listen to her podcast on my way to & from work.
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on 3/21/2023 Great podcast!

This young lady is a true paranormal prodigy!! She’s the next big thing in this field for sure. Really enjoy listening and thanks for doing what you do.
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on 3/16/2023

This is an enlightening podcast dealing with a field that’s loaded with absurd claims and disinformation. It’s a monumental task trying to pick truth out of all the erroneous information available. Cristina is light years ahead of her time with her questions and smooth, fluid and consistent delivery that’s highlighted by her obvious passion for the UFO & paranormal field. She has great guests and never steps over them and allows them to go in great detail with their answers and never cuts them off. Cristina is obviously young and to be as smooth, professional & knowledgeable at that age is very rare. Regardless of the guest, she has already mastered the skill of interviewing & podcasting in general. She’s always prepared and has obviously done copious research on each guest ahead of time. Great job Cristina! Your future is very bright indeed!

on 12/15/2022 Highly Recommend!

These podcasts are absolutely fantastic and have given me a wealth of new and great knowledge on such incredibly fascinating, captivating, and mysterious topics. And every show is presented and articulately and eloquently spoken with such genuine passion and fascination into these mysteries. And you can tell that by the really great questions that Cristina asks, that are both questions a lot of us want to ask, but also questions that a lot of us also didn't even know we wanted to ask. And she never interrupts or pontificates the people she interviews either; but instead, she respects and genuinely listens to them with open ears and an open mind. I highly recommend giving her podcasts a listen, but not just that, I also highly recommend checking out her YouTube Channel called 'Cristina Gomez' too, if you want even more awesomeness like this. The way I'd describe her channel, is like that one favorite class at school that you're super excited for, where you get to hang out with all your friends (livestreams and her epic Discord server), and you've got your favourite cool teacher/s. That class that is both really fun, and also highly informative and genuinely fascinating. And it's only going to get more awesome, because in the foreseeable future, Cristina's gonna be hitting the road in her RV, and investigating and documenting mysteries, herself. Which will also be apart of the channel. So this epic class is about to go on some virtual excursions too! Woohoo!
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on 11/19/2022 Awesome ufo/paranormal pod!

Cristina is a great up and coming podcaster. I love her Strange Weekly News, and I like how she handles her interviews. She respects the guests and asks great questions!
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on 11/13/2022 Cristina Gomez Is The Best Thing To Happen To The UFO Topic Since The Roswell Crash.

Cristina Gomez has a lightning quick mind, a level head/pleasant demeanor and a Lilt in her voice that few can compete with or match. She pulls in ideas and make comparisons that keep Your mind challenged and You in check. She constantly challenges Her audience with topic centric style subjects and questions. Questions that makes the smartest among Us deep think a first, second and third time. Even while being a College Senior, holding down a part time Job, She still somehow manages to Produce/Direct/Create dialogue and graphic art for, four Shows per week! Talk about ambitious, but here within Her it’s just part of the normal day to day. Now, talk about Shows! Cristina has over 145 interviews under Her hats, (Yes, hats. She’s a Fashionista of headwear.), but no small or no named people thank you. From Professor Avi Loeb, of Harvard University/The Galileo Project, to John Greenewald of The Black Vault, to L.A. Marzulli who has traveled the World over to get to the truth, to Luis Elizondo who offers first hand knowledge from inside the Pentagon. She offers fun and exciting interviews that few can match. Lastly because She is so new to this subject matter you will never hear your typical, ‘old guy, to old guy interview’. Where You have two ‘seasoned gentlemen’, saying most of the way through the interview ‘I remember that we covered that topic 10 years ago during our 15th interview, blah, blah, blah’. With Cristina it’s all fresh, straight forward and get me to the truth as fast as possible. I guarantee you will never be bored, you will always get a chance to give your perspective and you will consistently want more. Although you will never find Cristina waiting, She’s waiting on you to come on board. So get with the program people and become part of the Family!
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on 11/9/2022 Cristina is GREAT

It’s so cool to listen to a young female voice interviewing and talking with great guests about ufos, the paranormal and mysterious stuff. Fun, informative and 4 shows a week are awesome. YOU GO GIRL!!!!
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on 10/13/2022 Cristina Gomez Makes UFO and Paranormal News Fun and Entertaining

This is a great podcast for anyone interested in keeping up with news on UFOs and Paranormal. Cristina Gomez is an exciting podcast hostess and a great addition to our podcast network.
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on 10/5/2022 Chido!

Bien echo mija, el S Tripoli better watch out que no?
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on 7/22/2022

Best paranormal podcast I've found. Informative and fun. Great format and structure. Highly recommend.

on 5/30/2022 Well Done

Job well done Cristina! Always enjoy this podcast. Very interesting topics I got a say
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on 4/6/2022 Excellent

Added to the library for sure! Worth the time.
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on 3/7/2022 Eloquent and professional

The host of this fascinating podcast is knowledgeable, eloquent and professional. Definitely binge-worthy.
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on 2/25/2022 Excellent

Great podcast with the wonderful Christina Gomez enthusiasm for the topic. Don’t miss this one
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on 2/3/2022 Great show for people new to this and old heads alike!

Good to see younger people and more women getting involved in these topics. Christina is an excellent interviewer and makes a somewhat overwhelming topic to get into accessible for people new to it while still making it interesting for those who know these stories. 👍🏻
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on 12/17/2021 Love this podcast

It’s so cool to listen to a young female voice interviewing great guests about ufos and mysterious stuff. Fun, informative and 2 shows a week are awesome.
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on 11/5/2021 If you are curious about the UAP story unfolding…

… this is a great place to start if you are a newbie like me. This topic is older than it seems and gets more and more fascinating. Some guests will really leave you stunned like Luis Elizondo, while others will have you reach for your salt shaker. Regardless, the host explores the topic with a childlike curiosity I find myself in as well. Well worth the listen.
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on 8/25/2021 A rising star

A rising star. Excellent!
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