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Jonathan 'Redbird' Dover appeared in Season 3 of 'The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch'. In this interview with Cristina Gomez, he shares his experiences, knowledge, and insights from over 30 years in Law Enforcement, investigating reports on Tribal Reservations of UFOs, Bigfoot, Skinwalkers, Witchcraft, and various other paranormal phenomena.

Once he retired from his service, he continued with investigations into these mysteries in and around Utah and Arizona, as well as Skinwalker Ranch and the Uintah Basin area.
Jon has worked with the City of WInslow Arizona Police Department, The National Park Service, Navajo Historic Preservation Dept. and the Navajo Nation Rangers. He retired from active duty as a Lieutenant in 2011 after 31 years as law enforcement.

He was trained in Criminal Investigations and was an Archaeological Resource Crimes Investigator. John was also trained as an EMT, in SWAT operations, Hazordous materials, Search & Rescue and was an instructor in Police Firearms training and High Angle Technical Rescue.

During his work on Navajo Nation lands, he along with Stanley Milford Jr. were assigned over a period of 10 years to officially investigate and document significant cases involving Bgfoot, the Paranormal, Navajo Witchcraft and UFO’s.

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