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What is the source of ancient legends consistent with indigenous peoples of the Americas, and tribal members around the world, of intelligent hairy giants that live in remote places, evading capture from hunters and researchers..?
In this episode, Cristina talks with researcher Emily Fleur about the mystery of Sasquatch, aka Bigfoot.

For the past 5 years, Emily have been studying Sasquatch, an unrecognized species that inhabits not only the forests of North America, but the entire world. She is convinced that these animals exist & her goal is to study them in the field. She states that "This is no easy task & I’m learning along the way".

Shifting the Paradigm is a weekly show with a format that is centered around streaming on KUNX Talk Radio, TalkstreamLive, and Paranormal Radio. In each episode, Cristina Gomez interviews specialists in their fields, be it authors, field investigators, researchers, or pioneers in the topics of unusual mysteries, strange places, mysterious events, and the big questions that challenge our understanding, and paradigm.

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