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The Colares, Brazilian Encounters - In this episode, Cristina is joined by Fade to Black Radio Host Jimmy Church for a look at a mystery that to this day, haunts the people of Colares, in Brazil.

In 1977, the people of the locality reported terrifying encounters with numerous UFOs including tales of being paralyzed, abducted, burned, and allegations of disappearances of people and animals.

Local residents claimed that scars on their bodies were caused by the lights in the sky, and named the lights "Chupa Chupa" (literally Sucker-Sucker). Believing it would keep the lights away, residents of Colares organized night vigils, lit fires, and ignited fireworks. Mayor José Ildone Favacho Soeiro requested help from the Air Force. The operation was commanded by Captain Uyrangê Bolivar Soares Nogueira de Hollanda Lima.

During late 1977, several pictures of lights were recorded but the military made statements to the effect that they remained skeptical. After approximately four months, the operation was closed.In 1997, two decades after the operation, Captain Uyrangê gave a shocking interview to Brazilian Ufologists Ademar José Gevaerd, and Marco Antônio Petit. During the startling interview, Uyrangê recounted his experiences of the missions to investigate the UFOs in Colares. Three months after the interview, he was found dead in his home "after he seemingly hung himself using the belt of his bathrobe".

What is the truth..?? Join Cristina Gomez and Jimmy Church as we look at this fascinating Mystery with a History.

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