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Special Guest Panel - The Recommended Skywatch Gear & Gadgets - If you have been wondering what affordable gear you can get for UFO spotting and Sky Watching, this is the show for you. To help inform those who are taking part in the National UFO Skywatch, join me and several panelists to go over gear and gadgets, as well as procedures and protocols, to make the event collaborative and seamless, in the hunt for sightings of UFOs.

Originating as a Grassroots concept, several UFO enthusiasts decided they wanted to do more for the UAP / UFO Research Community, and efforts into 'boots on the ground' investigations - by organizing an event where people could network through the internet via a DISCORD Live Chat server. Research Groups and Individuals throughout the United States, and even beyond in other countries, can participate in the first 'Eyes to the Sky' unified effort, to look, and document any sightings.

CNN News, FOX News, MSNBC News, and a host of other news sites have been reporting on an almost daily basis on the UFO situation, exploring whether it could be aliens or unknown visitors, even from other dimensions.

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