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Cristina Gomez investigates The Shadow People - Mysteries with a History - The mysterious and creepy shadow people, are they ghosts or aliens or spirits..?

They are scary and have been seen to be a strange black mass, most often in a humanoid shape, that is either directly observed, or see in the peripheral vision. They are sometimes accompanied by extraordinary and terrifying events. From the Ancient Egyptians to the Native Americans, there are countless scary stories about them. One of the scariest dark and spooky figures to be themed in comics and movies the terrifying shadow people have brought fear to many for generations.

In the greater majority of witness reports, no details or identifiable characteristics can be seen of a face, hair, or clothing, with the exception of a surprising amount of encounters with the entity having the shape of a hat on the head. Also, there have been many reports of them having white, or red glowing eyes. Are they paranormal beings or extraterrestrial beings..? Do they come from another dimension or the spirit world..?

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