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Chase pursues evidence and conducts scientific investigations into UFOs, and engages the Law Makers in DC with a focus on National Security.

Chase is a UFO investigator, Author and Radio Talk Show Host for Fate Magazine.
As a reoccurring guest in the media and a Presenter, she is well known for her "Boots on the Ground" dedication to solving mysteries, one case at a time and lively interview exchanges.
As an active leader in UFO and ancient artifacts investigations, she employs a diverse set of skills and professional techniques, known as "the Gold Standards".

Her work concludes admissible inquiry, proper case management and scientific conclusions.

A former Department of Defense employee and schooled and certified as a Former Private Investigator, Chase consistently demonstrates the knowledge, technical requirements, legal parameters, and commitment to evidence based investigations using the latest technologies and methods as professional Law Enforcement Officials in a modern and forward moving scientific environment.

She holds a tested certification in International Forensic and Evidence Collections, holding membership and the credentials of CPES, through the International Association for Property and Evidence.

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