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The topic of the lost city of Atlantis has for decades been a source of imaginative storytelling and speculative discussions. From 19th century novels and literature, to themed TV shows and movies, even to being the name of casinos and a Disney vacation resort, the word 'Atlantis' itself has become synonymous with entertainment and pleasure. Yet if we peel away all the pop-culture references, we are left with an enduring legend which can be dated back to ancient Greece, and those story-tellers and philosophers referenced even more ancient texts and lore.

In this episode of Mysteries with a History, Cristina Gomez and Jimmy Church explore the topic of Atlantis, and look to see if there is any evidence of it being a reality, rather than a legend.

Mysteries with a History is a weekly show that looks at specific places, events, and topics that have a significant history, and that challenge our understanding. From UFO sightings, to UFO hotspots, the Paranormal, including sites of ghost hauntings, bizarre supernatural activity, urban legends, lore, myths, and much more.

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