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Cristina gets to talk candidly with Author, and Head Writer of The Debrief, Christopher Plain. 2021 has been a busy year for Chris, journaling all the information and data in regards to UFOs / UAPs and the many aspects of the phenomenon as they relate to technology, futurism, science, and the quest for UFO disclosure truths.

Chris Plain is a Fantasy and Science Fiction novelist, a stand-up comedian, and currently works as the Head Science Writer at the Debrief. Across his 30 years writing career, Chris has written hundreds of comedy sketches, TV scripts, Screenplays and radio shows, and next week he will be celebrating his 100th story for The Debrief..!!

For more about Chris and his writing, or to order one of his novels, go to www.plainfiction.com, or follow Chris on Twitter @plain_fiction

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