Over the decades there have been numerous UFO flaps, and mass sightings. Some of these areas that are prone to higher than average UFO sightings are still producing interesting reports and UAP encounters. ▶️ MYSTERIES WITH A HISTORY PLAYLIST ➔ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLneWjPNXc1RxFVOxYfFaC_u7DM3fvc8gd In this episode, we will look into several cases of UFO flaps, and look into the possible reasons for such occurrences. *NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK* 🔴 WATCH NEXT ➔ https://youtu.be/EMn_EMDDFeI *MY SOCIALS* Twitter ➔ Eyes_OnTheSkies Instagram ➔ StrangeParadigms *JIMMY'S SOCIALS* Twitter ➔ JChurchRadio Facebook ➔ JimmyChurchRadio YouTube ➔ FADETOBLACKRadio #CristinaGomez #UFO #UAP #Sightings #MassSightings For Credit or Questions, email Cristina@StrangeParadigms.com

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