In this Episode of 'Top 5 Unexplained' we will be looking at my Top 5 cases of the creepiest creature sightings and encounters reports. 🟩 *SUBSCRIBE* for a chance to *WIN* an Amazon or Starbucks Gift Card Every Week ➔ LEAVE ME A COMMENT ➔ Let me know what "Creature" scares you the Most..!! ▶️ TOP 5 Unexplained Playlist ➔ *WATCH NEXT* ➔ *NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK* MY SOCIALS Twitter ➔ Eyes_OnTheSkies Instagram ➔ StrangeParadigms Creepy Stories of the TOP 5 Creature Sightings from Around the World. #Top5 #Creature #Sightings #Creepy #CristinaGomez For Credit or Questions, email

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