LIVESTREAM on Strange News Reports, Events, and Developments about everything from UFOs, the Paranormal, Space, to Fringe Science. This week's guest Co-Host is Chris Plain. NEWS LINKS POSTED BELOW. GET NOTIFIED OF NEW VIDEOS - Social Media Links: Cristina and Chris will review and chat about the latest news from the last week related to all aspects of the Strange and the Mysterious, the Paranormal, Fringe Science, and the Unexplained. STRANGE PARADIGMS - 04 - News and Chat - UFOs - Paranormal Find out more online, at my website: Guest Social Media Links: ►Website: ►Articles: ►Twitter: #Strange #Paradigms #News #Live #Paranormal #UFO #Aliens #CristinaGomez TIMELINE INDEX - CHAPTERS Will appear here NEWS ITEMS COVERED NEWS ARTICLE 01- May 27 Subject: Extraterrestrials WEBSITE: The Debrief Author: Tim McMillan, Micah Hanks, Chris Plain Title: INCURSIONS AT THE BORDER: HOMELAND SECURITY AGENTS TELL OF ENCOUNTERS WITH UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENA NEWS ARTICLE 02- May 26 Subject: Extraterrestrials WEBSITE: Vice Author: Jason Koebler Title: There Are 4 ‘Malicious Extraterrestrial Civilizations’ in Milky Way, Researcher Estimates NEWS ARTICLE 03 - May 26 Subject: Meteor Shower WEBSITE: Science Alert Author: JONTI HORNER AND TANYA HILL Title: A Spectacular Meteor Shower Might Hit Us This Weekend. Here's What to Expect NEWS ARTICLE 04 - May 25 Subject: Ghost WEBSITE: Ladbible Author: Simon Catling Title: Couple Catch 'Ghost' Creeping Into Baby's Cot In Freaky Footage Video: NEWS ARTICLE 05 - May 25 Subject: Technology WEBSITE: Science Daily Author: Northwestern University Title: Tiny robotic crab is smallest-ever remote-controlled walking robot NEWS ARTICLE 06- May 20 Subject: Extraterrestrial Life WEBSITE: BBC Author: Northwestern University Title: Rare book predicting alien life discovered in Cotswolds NEWS ARTICLE 07 - May 25 Subject: Earth WEBSITE: Science Alert Author: Michelle Starr Title: Giant Magnetic Waves Have Been Discovered Oscillating Around Earth's Core NEWS ARTICLE 08- May 26 Subject: Bermuda Triangle Cruise WEBSITE: The Mirror UK Author: Tim Hanlon Title: Bermuda Triangle cruise offers all guests full refund - if the ship disappears CONTENT DISCLAIMER I am asking questions, seeking answers, and looking into the fringes of the human experience to find clues regarding some of the most strange mysteries to perplex mankind. I don't subscribe to any particular beliefs, and my opinions are simply speculative. ______________________________________________________________________________ Cue Sheet - Music used under license Paranormal by AlexUnderTheSky No P.R.O affiliation YouTube Content ID registered by AdRev ______________________________________________________________________________ Support Cristina on Patreon to unlock awesome exclusive extras, perks, & benefits: Support with a donation through Paypal: ______________________________________________________________________________ ⚠️ ATTENTION - Copyright Disclaimer⚠️ FAIR USE NOTICE: This video MAY contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Paradigm Shifts distributes this material for the purpose of news reporting, educational research, comment and criticism, constituting Fair Use under 17 U.S.C § 107. ⚠️ For queries, or credit, please email me at

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