Your weekly source for all the weird and strange news from around the world. 🟩 SUBSCRIBE for a chance to WIN an Amazon or Starbucks Gift Card every week ➔ *NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK* 🔴 ACCESS THE LIVE CAMS WITH A FREE TRIAL OF THE SKINWALKER INSIDER - Leave me a comment saying which was your favorite news item covered. This is a relaxed and fun livestream review of global strange news reports of the week. Get ready for bizarre and sometimes creepy news items including topics such as Unusual New Discoveries, the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence, new ChatGPT breakthroughs and applications, research into areas of Fringe Science, the Latest Discoveries about the Universe, scary manifestations of the Paranormal, sightings and close encounters with UFOs aka UAP, Bizarre Creatures, Disturbing Disappearances, Mysterious Crimes, and much more. STRANGE NEWS PLAYLIST ➔ WATCH NEXT ➔ MY SOCIALS Twitter ➔ Eyes_OnTheSkies Instagram ➔ StrangeParadigms News agencies push strange news reports to the back pages, and it can take a long time to find strange news content if you dig into the news sites such as Reuters, CNN, FOX, ABC, Forbes Breaking News, and the Wall Street Journal among many others. Here you'll get the latest updates about strange news and odd events, weird occurrences, creepy stories and reports, updates from NASA and ESA about the Universe and Space Discoveries, Fringe Science Research, Unusual Archeology, Artificial Intelligence Breakthroughs, developments with ChatGPT and AI bots, James Webb Telescope imagery, discoveries about Ancient History, Bizarre Crimes, Mysterious Unsolved Cases, Unexplained Disappearances, all aspects of the Paranormal and Supernatural, UFO aka UAP Sightings and Encounters, Fortean News, and much more. STRANGE NEWS of the WEEK - 54 - Mysterious - Universe - UFOs - Paranormal SOURCES Will be posted here TIMELINE INDEX Will be posted here #CristinaGomez #Strange #Weird #Bizarre #Creepy #ChatGPT #ArtificialIntelligence #News For Credit or Questions, email

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