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Triangular UFOs as a topic has hit the news again with a new sighting over the Las Vegas strip over Christmas, with videos being posted to various social media. While local TV stations and news outlets have rushed to debunk it as a rare weather phenomenon, many witnesses and others have said that this doesn't look like anything attributable to the weather. Triangular UFO sightings are common, and have a long history.

Some say they are secret military aircraft tech, while others say they are replicated extraterrestrial craft. In this episode, Cristina Gomez and Jimmy Church will look into cases, and theories in regards to this fascinating aspect of the UFO mystery.

Mysteries with a History is a weekly show that looks at specific places, events, and topics that have a significant history, and that challenge our understanding. From UFO sightings, to UFO hotspots, the Paranormal, including sites of ghost hauntings, bizarre supernatural activity, urban legends, lore, myths, and much more.

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