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Part 2 of 'Mysteries of India', looking into the ancient mysteries and temples of this vibrant nation. India is a land of the original trinity (Trimurti), of the Creator Brahma, the Protector Vishnu, and the Destroyer Shiva. It is a land where oral traditions, mysticism, and religious belief systems of over 3,000 years ago are still practiced today. Although being a major powerhouse of industry and innovation, once you leave the cities you will find towns and villages that seem frozen in time, with wandering Mystics, Ascetics, Gurus, Sadhus, Yogis, and Baba Nagas who adhere to strict principles for living as laid down in ancient manuscripts in the ancient past.

Out of those ancient manuscripts, and religious texts, there are many references that seem too futuristic to be so old, such as gods who have the ability to travel between dimensions, fly in the air and in the heavens above in 'flying cities' and the flying ships called Vimana.
Stories of ancient battles, some of them depicting nuclear weapons, and other mystical weapons as warring factions fought it out in the skies.

In this episode, Cristina Gomez and Jimmy Church will take a deep dive into the endless mysteries of India.

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