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Ben van Kerkwyk is an Australian researcher, writer and content creator, now based in the United States, and is this week's guest on Shifting the Paradigm, with Cristina Gomez.

Ben produces the UnchartedX.com website and UnchartedX YouTube channel and podcast, producing long-form documentaries on various topics dealing with ancient mysteries, and the new scientific work that should have a bearing on the story of human history and civilization.

After 20 years and a successful multinational IT career as a networking architect and technologist, Ben brings a unique perspective when investigating the evidence for ancient high technology. He casts such mysteries in the light of his engineering background, as well as many new discoveries like those surrounding the Younger Dryas Cataclysm, and the extension of the timeline for human civilization.

A lifelong student and fan of history, Ben has been traveling the world for decades, visits places like Egypt and South America regularly, and has researched and filmed at many ancient sites, as well as interviewing and interacting with many of the leading authors and researchers working in this field, like Graham Hancock, Randall Carlson, George Howard and more.

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