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Cristina Gomez investigates creepy and mysterious stories, legends, and lore, in dark forests around the world.

From ancient times, mankind has generally had a healthy respect, and fear, for the forests and woodlands of the world. From tales of scary encounters with aliens and strange beasts to cryptids, and mysterious and unexplained disappearances, to more modern tales of abductions, and encounters with UFOs and their alien occupants, the deep forests and woodlands have never lost their grip on the fears and imaginations of many.

In this episode, Cristina will guide you through a selection of the most mysterious and inexplicable tales of Encounters in the Forests, not just with bizarre creatures, aliens, cryptids, bigfoot / sasquatch, and other well known creepy denizens of the dark, but also with portals, and unusual landmarks that seem to be magnets for the strange and mysterious.

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