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The Men in Black - Mysteries with a History - Dating back to the late 1940s, there are stories of individuals involved with the topic of UFOs being approached by mysterious and intimidating Men in Black acting with bizarre behavioral characteristics. These menacing figures have been popularized in recent years with Hollywood blockbuster UFOs and Aliens science fiction movies, even to the point of being interpreted as the good guys, and yet, their actual history of interacting with journalists, researchers, and witnesses has proven that they represent something dark and sinister rather than positive and a force for good.

In many instances over the decades, UFO witnesses have been harassed, and intimidated into keeping their accounts out of the public eye, and in some very bizarre cases, being approached even before they have told anyone of their sighting - so how would these Men in Black know about the sighting..? Could they be agents of some alien group, or are they alien themselves..?

It seems like the mystery has many facets. They could be Government intelligence agents working to keep the topic of UFOs and alien visitations suppressed in some kind of dark conspiracy and cover up, while another group could be alien hybrids, and even some suggestions that these individuals may come from an entirely different dimension.

Could there be a connection to the Shadow People, or even the Black Eyed Kids..?? In this episode, Cristina will guide you through a selection of the most mysterious and inexplicable tales of Encounters between UFO witnesses, researchers, journalists, and authors and the intimidating Men in Black.

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