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Black-eyed children or black-eyed kids are regarded by some as an urban legend about paranormal creatures that resemble children between the ages of six and sixteen. These creepy creatures with pale skin and black eyes have reportedly been seen hitchhiking, panhandling, or at the doorsteps of residential homes.

While some have said that the legends of such scary encounters go back hundreds of years, they gained notoriety throughout the 1980's to 1990's, which was also a period of time where the topic of hybrid children, being the product of experiments conducted on victims of the UFO abduction experience, was also in full swing. Besides blacked-out eyes, these children typically appear normal. Sometimes, their attire seems outdated. In extremely unusual instances, people have reported encountering creatures with talon-like feet. The theory that these creatures are actually the offspring of relations between humans and aliens comes from the 'Alien Abduction' phenomenon, missing people and missing time; encounters with alien entities sometimes before or during a UFO sighting, and the majority of victims not ever considering or believing in aliens or UFOs yet being unwitting victims of repeated terrifying experiences, sometimes involving gruesome medical procedures.

Are the black eyed kids actually supernatural creatures, paranormal beings, extraterrestrials, or are they from other dimensions? The victims often feel the experience has a semblance of being demonic. On other occasions the abductees are shown what look like hybrids of babies that are a cross between human and alien genetics.

In this episode, Cristina will guide you through a selection of the most mysterious and inexplicable tales of Encounters between regular people, and these creepy black eyed children.

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