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Portals, Wormholes, Stargates, Black Holes; these have become modern day tropes in a variety of TV Shows, Documentaries, and movies. All of them point to hypothetical ways to circumvent linear travel in both Space and Time.

The concept of Wormholes was first envisioned and theorized in 1916 by Austrian physicist Ludwig Flamm, while working upon variables in the equations set down by Albert Einstein in 1915 with his ground-breaking Theory of General Relativity. Flamm, while looking for other solutions, arrived at a series of equations that led him to theorize about an object he described as a "white hole," being a zone in space housing a theoretical time reversal of a black hole. According to his theory, entrances to both black and white holes could be connected by a space-time conduit that would in effect 'cheat' normal linear space travel.

Then in 1928, Hermann Weyl, a German mathematician, and theoretical physicist, proposed a wormhole hypothesis, but using the term "One-Dimensional Tubes", to speak of a theory of matter in connection with mass analysis of electromagnetic field energy. Later, in 1935, Albert Einstein and Physicist Nathan Rosen announced their wormhole theory which technically became known as an "Einstein-Rosen Bridge", which they had come upon while working on special solutions for 'Einstein Field Equations'. The theory points to a speculative structure that in effect, links two disparate points in spacetime. More precisely it is a transcendental bijection of the spacetime continuum, an asymptotic projection of the Calabi–Yau manifold manifesting itself in Anti-de Sitter space.

In this episode, Michael Mataluni will cover aspects of the physics, and science, regarding wormholes and portals, while Cristina will give accounts where mysterious events and disappearances have occurred that would indicate the involvement of portals/wormholes.

How close are we to figuring out how to create them..? Are UFOs and Aliens using them to travel to our world..? Do beings from other dimensions use such exotic forms of travel to break the barrier between dimensions to visit our planet, and our Universe..?? These questions and more, will be covered during the show.

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