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I get it. We want answers. And for the most part, we want those answers to drop right in our laps, and immediately..!! We deserve the truth, right..?

Enough is enough, someone must be held accountable. Someone who has been on the ‘inside’ and been part of some shady Government Department or Agency that has dealt in UFO secrets and skullduggery.

It’s time we had a hero step forward. Someone who would refuse to comply with the status-quo and exit that job in protest, to then point back at the Government and say that “All is not in order” in the house of smoke and mirrors. We want those proverbial beans to be spilled, and right in front of our eyes, with every angle and perspective covered - all the gritty details exposed so we can sift through and find those “told you so” tidbits.

Anything less is unacceptable.

And who are we..? This is a key question. We are the demanding majority, right..? The long suffering ‘We the People’ who have constantly been lied to and bamboozled with half truths and rampant disinformation. We deserve the truths we want, and by gosh, any hero who steps forward must sync with all our own personal, and group requisites to pass as our new shining star of truth and justice. We are entitled, even under anonymous names, to flood chat rooms, groups, and even Luis Elizondo’s social outlets with our demanding questions, judgements, accusations, defamation, and insults…  Right..?

And should we not get what we want from this hero, if he isn’t a peerless master of disclosure, and the tip of ‘our’ truth seeking spear; a guru of confirmation of all our suspicions about the gatekeepers in the house of smoke and mirrors, conforming to our every expectation - then by gosh, we’ll cancel him..!!

Yeah… Right. Get over yourselves.

I’m just a young, female nobody in the UFO research community, but even so, I am so often disgusted with the bizarre entitlement, trolling, and level of vitriol aimed at Mr. Elizondo.

I just saw a new interview last night with Luis Elizondo on *Spaced Out Radio, and he looked absolutely weary, and sick. In fact he was sick. There he was, late at night and admitting that he actually had a raging fever, pushing himself (again) to answer questions and be as transparent as possible, and my heart sunk; my empathy for him and his family who have taken so many hits, criticism, accusations, bullying, and trolling. Cross examined over and over again for every word uttered by so many, not only in the mainstream news media and podcast world, but by countless clamoring individuals across the social media platforms, especially Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook.

I’ve seen the same conversation threads repeated over and over again, often started by faceless and anonymous individuals with innocuous usernames complaining, “He’s put himself out there as a leader of the UFO disclosure movement so he owes us the truth, and he’s fair game for intense cross-examination on everything he says.”

While on the surface, this is perfectly fine for many as a modus-operandi for dealing with Lue and the information he has given - all lines of reason and common sense have been eliminated by so many in the ‘cross-examination’ process, that a viral ‘character assassination’ trend has arisen as a result.

Whether from social media posts in groups, subreddits, or on Twitter, declaring Lue to be anything from a ‘Disinfo agent’ to the literal devil itself, on to unhinged shock-jocks; ‘wannabe Howard Sterns’ of UFOlogy on YouTube who simply use Lue and others as clickbait to get people into their seedy cliques of hypocrisy and hate-filled ‘enabling’, shallow trolls who encourage with pointless demeaning, insults, and accusations to trigger their video hosts into long deranged rants - moments afterwards declaring themselves to be the real deals in truth seeking and accepting donations etc etc.

Yes, there are some pathetic corners of the internet where literal trolls and bottom feeders congregate to do nothing but flame, lie, invent negative gossip and hate filled narratives.

The sad thing is that so many ‘Love the Entertainment’ of such unhinged individuals going on epic rants, and the gutter-dwellers in the circle of putrid adoration take that content and spam it to every group, community, and social media platform. Within a short time, some of those lies and accusations trickle into the general conversation, and are taken at face value by many who are none the wiser to the origins.

A lot of this is by design. You have those who just want clicks and donations the ‘Howard Stern’ way on their seedy YouTube channels that makes Lue Elizondo the anti-hero while setting themselves up as the hero who is taking on the anti-hero. Then you have the fans, the enablers, and the back-stabbers who will pretend to be friends with members of the community, but who will invent gossip and spread it back to the shock-jocks, predominantly out of envy and hate because their own efforts at being heroes have failed.

Yes, it’s that pathetic. It’s more apt to feel pity for these bizarre hoodwinkers than anger.

So, there is fame to be had, and money to be made, in unhinged rants about individuals such as Luis Elizondo. Communities of haters with members that go around any forum or chat box where Luis Elizondo and others working in similar fashion in the UFO community are receiving attention via interviews etc, and leave their spammy comments of derision and defamation with the intent to incite angry conversations about trust, etc.

You only need a few dedicated trolls, less than a handful, to go around the platforms with many different usernames and accounts to plant seeds of viral gossip. Even those shock-jocks do it, I mean, sure they do, it’s their income and meant to drive traffic to their channels etc.

What’s really telling is that all the gossip, accusations, and anger center around the most banal discrepancies in relation to areas of Lue Elizondo’s life and career and not what he is saying or doing about his ongoing efforts to persuade DC to be more transparent with UFO / UAP data.

Now, some of you may say, “Hey, if there are discrepancies in regards to things he has done or said about his past, life, and career, then that throws full shade on anything else he says.”

Sure, this for so many has validity, and again, sure, I can see why when so many are looking for ‘The Gospel of Lue’ in regards to UFOs and Government secrecy that they’d gravitate to the ‘Disinfo agent’ theory if their needs aren’t met where his info is concerned, the ‘Disinfo agent’ theory that’s propagated throughout the social media platforms from those seedy parts of the internet seems more appealing to believe in.

But what is the ‘Disinfo’..?

What is it exactly that Lue is saying, consistently across the board when it comes to his interviews, what is the disinformation..?

His story has consistently been:

  • He worked within the Government
  • He was responsible for an office that dealt with UFO / UAP sightings.
  • He grew weary and frustrated with the lack of serious administrative attention and cooperation from superiors, overseers, and other offices & agencies which was counter-productive to his abilities to fulfill his work obligations.
  • He resigned from his position and entered civilian life.
  • He maintained that the Government and Department of Defense by their very nature should be treating the UFO / UAP topic with more seriousness from the angles of Defense and Air Safety significance.
  • He retained a strong interest for the truth about the UFO / UAP mystery.
  • As a result of that interest, he joined the ‘To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science’ in an effort to investigate the phenomenon further.
  • After working with TTSA and filming of the TV show ‘Unidentified: Inside America's UFO Investigation’, his passion for finding the truth continued with private efforts longside individuals such as Chris Mellon, Sean Cahill, and others to work closely with individuals in the Government, House, Senate, and Department of Defense to facilitate new legislation that would lead to greater transparency in regards to classified data being made available to the public.

Finally, his message has simply been that these craft are out there, buzzing our military forces and installations on land, in the air, and at sea.

They’ve been captured on camera, and radar, witnessed by military personnel, and represent a level of technology far superior to any that we are conventionally aware of.

And to summarize his prevailing message, that we the American public, and the people of the world, deserve to know the truth from our Governments about these craft and where they are coming from IF the truth does not harm national or sovereign defense security.

This is what the public at large have been watching and listening to for several years now, and it has brought a huge uptick in interest in both the mainstream news media, and the public - to the point that the topic is treated with greater seriousness now than ever before.

More people, young and old, are now asking these important questions. Paradigms have been shifted.

THAT doesn’t sound like the mission, message, or story of a ‘Disinfo agent’. Right..?

On the contrary, Lue Elizondo sounds to me like someone who is powerfully upsetting the proverbial ‘apple cart’, and rattling some dusty cages where the UFO / UAP topic is concerned in the corridors of political and military power in DC, as well as some Defense contractor monopolies.

Luis Elizondo is the embodiment of what so many in the UFO research and enthusiast communities have been begging for over the decades. Like a literal ‘deep throat’ character out of ‘The X-Files’, he has brought so much to the table where this mystery is concerned, and made it respectable to talk about in public without the ridicule factor.

He didn’t owe anyone this. He has never said he is a leader. He has always maintained his humility, and encouraged every podcaster and researcher, from tiny audiences to massive audiences - without discrimination.

Given where he has come from, the unique angle and weight his career has brought, it seems more likely to me that there must be some from those corridors of power with a very strong vested interest in discrediting him.

But at the end of the day, those shadowy and true-life 'Disinfo' agents don’t have to do too much to discredit Lue…  The UFO Community always does a great job at eating its own.

Lue has recently made it clear, even on the new Spaced Out Radio interview, that he is withdrawing off-stage from his public face with this topic.

That’s our HUGE loss.


Thank you for your Service and Efforts Mr. Elizondo.

The seeds you have planted are so many, and will come to generate fruit for many years to come.

Fortunately, the overall public is unaware of the clown-world antics that goes on in UFO groups on Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, and the seedy small YouTube channels that demean and defame you, Mr. Elizondo.


I first interviewed Luis Elizondo while working for *The Debrief in April of 2021, and since that first interaction I was impacted by his sincerity, his candor, his respect, his humility, and overall passion for the topic.

Since then, I developed a friendship with him and his wonderful family, and none of my first impressions have changed, but rather grown.

I have been privy to many of his efforts, and struggles, on behalf of that passion, and on behalf of the public, to get as much information out into the public square as possible without violating his security oaths.

This has meant extensive and repeated travel at his own expense to Washington DC, and venues globally. It’s meant hundreds of hours in TV, radio, and Internet interview time given with a consistent and clear message.

This has been at the expense of his family, his family time, his personal finances, and his health.

I remain 100% in support of Luis Elizondo and his efforts.


* Spaced Out Radio Interview: April 28, 2022 -

* The Debrief interview has since been taken down, but the article link is here:

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