In this week’s article  we’ll be taking a look into the news and headlines to pick out curious reports of the strange, weird, and mysterious. Anything from UFO news, to science advancements, the paranormal, and stuff labeled fringe science and fringe phenomena.

Here's a summary of the latest episode, featuring a range of topics that promise to intrigue and mystify.  

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Congressional UFO Briefing: Members of Congress are set to receive a classified briefing on UFOs next week by the Intelligence Committee Inspector General. Will the House Oversight Committee get answers or will they be stonewalled? Do they have the proper clearances? What will the Inspector General be able to tell Representatives Tim Butchett, Anna Paulia Luna, and others. 


The Haunted Painting: A cursed painting in the UK continues to wreak havoc on its owners. The latest, James Kislingbury, recounts a series of misfortunes since acquiring the painting, from car breakdowns, broken collarbone, witnessing mysterious figures, floods, and unexplained malfunctions in his historical building. The involvement of a medium brings a chilling perspective, suggesting the girl in the painting might have been deceased when portrayed, and the artist could have been a spiritualist.




TRAPPIST-1 Star System: The fascination with the TRAPPIST-1 system grows as the James Webb Space Telescope prepares for extensive research. With seven Earth-like planets, some in the habitable zone, this system offers exciting possibilities for understanding extraterrestrial environments and the potential for life. The star system has become a hotspot for astronomers and astrobiologists due to its seven Earth-size, rocky planets, with three potentially residing in the habitable zone.  Is there life 39 light years away?  


Human Remains to the Moon: NASA, in collaboration with private space firms such as Celestis, plans to send human remains to the moon, sparking controversy and debate, particularly from the Navajo Nation, due to the moon's sacred significance. People have skepticism about the benefits of sending human remains to the moon and question the intentions behind this and other peculiar payloads, such as cryptocurrency-themed items and a piece of Mount Everest.


AI-Generated New Year Resolutions: As people turn to AI for various aspects of life, popular chatbots offer unique and achievable New Year's resolutions, from hosting themed dinner parties to committing to a digital detox.


Bio-Kerosene from Human Waste: Innovators in Gloucestershire have successfully turned human waste into a sustainable aviation fuel, offering a low-carbon alternative to fossil jet fuel and showcasing the potential for waste-to-energy technologies.


Goblin Sighting in Argentina: A security camera captures a small, fast-moving figure that some believe to be a goblin, stirring up local folklore and debate over the nature of this mysterious sighting.  


You can find the ▶️ Weekly Strange News Video Here


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