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Flight Attendant Captures Mysterious Pink UFO on Camera During Flight to Poland

Credits: Denisa Tanase

In a remarkable incident reported by the Mirror UK, Denisa Tanase, a flight attendant with Wizz Air, encountered a mysterious pink ‘UFO’ while on a flight from Luton, England, to Syzmany, Poland. The 36-year-old, based in Corby, Northamptonshire, England, was initially skeptical about the unusual sight she saw outside her window. It was only upon reviewing her phone footage, taken casually during the flight, that she realized the anomaly: a distinct, unidentifiable object moving alongside the aircraft.

Tanase, who has a year’s experience in the skies, initially thought the peculiar pink light might be a reflection of the crew’s uniforms. However, the video revealed something far more intriguing: four pink orbs blinking in the night sky, moving in a manner that ruled out the possibility of a mere reflection. This sighting contributes to the increasing number of online reports of extraterrestrial encounters, this time featuring an unusual pink hue.

Since the incident, Tanase, who has extensively traveled across Europe with Wizz Air, has not reported any further UFO encounters and continues her duties as a flight attendant.

Mysterious Events Plague Kampung Kepis, Malaysia Sparking Fear Among Residents

Kampung Kepis has been engulfed in a tense atmosphere following a series of unexplained occurrences over the past two weeks, as reported by New Straits Times. Residents have been rattled by inexplicable knocking on doors and sightings of a shadowy, human-like figure.

The situation intensified when 54-year-old Haslinda Hassim witnessed a strange figure outside her home around 9:40 pm on a recent Wednesday. This sighting came shortly after her 17-year-old child, alarmed by disturbances at a neighboring house, had returned home with a friend and insisted on securing their residence. Haslinda heard a noise outside, similar to something dropping, and then saw what she described as an unusual shadowy figure that appeared to crawl. Her initial skepticism turned to alarm when the entity made eye contact, stood up, and swiftly disappeared.

Haslinda’s home has since experienced four more incidents involving eerie disturbances, including scratching sounds on the walls and noises suggesting attempts to open a window. Similarly, 67-year-old Mariam Johit and her daughter Noreennor Mohd Noor, 38, have reported encounters with the shadowy figure, including rapid footsteps and the figure vanishing mysteriously.

Despite the villagers’ efforts to investigate, including gathering around Mariam’s house, no explanation has been found. Mohammad Sah Sulaiman, chairman of the Kampung Kepis Hilir Development and Safety Committee, has expressed concern over these disturbances. The events have instilled significant fear in the community, to the point where some residents are afraid to use their own bathrooms. Sulaiman hopes for a swift resolution to restore peace and normalcy in the village.

Archaeological Find in Ukraine Unveils Thousand-Year-Old Cemetery with Unique Burials

Grave found by Vsevolod Ivakin and Vyacheslav Baranov

A recent archaeological discovery in Ukraine, about 50 miles south of Kyiv, has unearthed a thousand-year-old cemetery with 107 graves, as reported by Live Science. The site, explored by Vsevolod Ivakin and Vyacheslav Baranov from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, features a range of burial items including axes, swords, jewelry, and notably, wooden buckets at the feet of some deceased.

Significant finds include a woman’s skeleton with elaborate neck and arm rings, indicating high social status. The cemetery, containing both male and female remains, shows men often buried with weapons and women with social status-indicating neck rings.

Other discoveries include a stone altar, bracelets, beads, and food remnants, suggesting the site’s use in Christian or pagan rituals. The artifacts resemble those from the Baltic region, hinting at a historical connection and possible migration during the reigns of Kyiv’s rulers like Volodymyr the Great.

The site’s excavation, aligning with the region’s Christian conversion era, has been paused due to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, affecting many archaeological projects in the country.

NASA’s Plans for Animal Inclusion in Future Space Colonies

Credits: Live Science

NASA’s ambitious plans for a permanent lunar outpost and human exploration of Mars include incorporating animals into these extraterrestrial environments. While the concept of creating elaborate space ecosystems is still largely theoretical, the challenge of reduced gravity on the moon and Mars poses a significant concern for animal development.

Experts like planetary scientist Christopher McKay suggest smaller animals, such as mice and aquatic species, as potential candidates for space colonization. Fish are particularly promising due to their buoyancy and efficiency, with experiments like the Lunar Hatch program exploring their viability in space. Insects and crustaceans are also being considered for their low maintenance and potential roles in closed-loop life-support systems.

Tardigrades, renowned for their resilience to extreme conditions, are under study for insights into protecting organisms in space environments. The selection and adaptation of animals for space habitats are crucial for supporting future human settlers, but this endeavor remains years away and is fraught with engineering challenges.

Water on mars

Credits: NASA

Scientists have made a groundbreaking discovery on Mars, uncovering a substantial amount of water ice beneath the surface of the planet’s Medusae Fossae Formation, near the equator. Utilizing data from the Mars Express spacecraft, researchers found that this ice layer, buried deep below the surface, is over two miles thick. This revelation, reported by, suggests that if melted, the water could form a liquid layer around 8.8 feet deep across Mars, comparable to Earth’s Red Sea in volume.

The ice-rich layer, lying at least 1,000 feet below the surface, is pivotal for understanding the planet’s paleoclimate and holds significant value for future exploration. The ice deposits, possibly over 3 billion years old, may be remnants of ancient Martian oceans. This finding not only enhances knowledge of Mars’s water history, which once included rivers and crater lakes, but also opens new possibilities for future exploration and potential settlement, considering liquid water’s essential role in supporting life.

Quantum Computing Leap: Achieving Room-Temperature Quantum Coherence

Credits: IFL Science

In a significant advancement for quantum computing, researchers have achieved quantum coherence at room temperature, a breakthrough reported by IFL Science. This development overcomes the longstanding challenge of needing extreme sub-zero temperatures (-459F or -273.15°C) for quantum computing since its inception in 1998.

Central to this achievement is the qubit, based on particles in an entangled state. The study involved creating an entangled quintet state in electrons using a chromophore, embedded in a metal-organic framework (MOF). This structure limited particle motion, essential for maintaining the quintet state without disruptive vibrations.

Professor Yasuhiro Kobori of Kobe University highlighted this as the first instance of room-temperature quantum coherence with entangled quintets, maintained for over 100 nanoseconds. Associate Professor Nobuhiro Yanai from Kyushu University sees this as a step towards more efficient quintet state qubits and room-temperature molecular quantum computing.

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