In this week’s roundup of strange news, this will cover a range of topics from China’s space advancements to an orangutan’s surprising use of medicine, a little girl’s nightmarish encounter with a monster in her closet, and Boston Dynamics’ latest furry robot dog.

WATCH - Strangest News of the Week - China on the Back Side of the Moon

China’s Space Race 

China has recently launched Chang’e 6, a lunar probe designed to land on the far side of the moon and return with samples. This mission is part of China’s ambitious space program, which aims to put astronauts on the moon by 2030. In addition to lunar exploration, China also plans to retrieve samples from Mars and send humans to there by the same year. Notably, China operates independently from the International Space Station, having its own space station in orbit. As the space race heats up, China’s progress and plans are sure to capture global attention.

Orangutan’s Medicinal Discovery

In a groundbreaking observation, researchers in Suaq Balimbing research area of Indonesia’s Gunung Leuser National Park witnessed an orangutan treating a wound by chewing the liana plant, known to humans as a pain reliever, and applying it to the affected area. This incident, which occurred in the summer of 2022, marks the first time scientists have documented an orangutan using medicine in this manner. The discovery challenges long-held assumptions about animal intelligence and sentience, suggesting that orangutans and other species may possess a deeper understanding of their environment and the potential medicinal properties of plants.

Monster in the Closet 

A young girl living in a century-old farmhouse in Charlotte, North Carolina, experienced a real-life nightmare when she discovered that her closet was harboring a massive bee infestation. The girl had been complaining about a mysterious humming sound emanating from the closet, but her parents initially dismissed her concerns. However, upon further investigation using a thermal camera, they discovered a staggering 60,000 bees and a 100-pound honeycomb hidden within the walls. The removal and repairs associated with the infestation are estimated to cost around $20,000, which the family’s homeowners insurance is unlikely to cover.

Boston Dynamics’ Furry Friend

Boston Dynamics, known for their advanced robot dogs like Spot and Aurora, has recently unveiled a new addition to their lineup: Sparkle, a robot dog covered in fur. The announcement has sparked a debate about whether a furry exterior makes the robot more appealing and less intimidating to the public. Some argue that the furry costume, reminiscent of beloved mascots, could help people feel more at ease around the robot. A video released by Boston Dynamics showcases Sparkle’s agility and features, including a wagging tail and synchronized dance moves. As the company continues to push the boundaries of robotics, it will be interesting to see how the public responds to this new, cuddly take on cutting-edge technology.

As we continue to explore the mysteries of space, nature, and technology, we can expect to encounter even more fascinating and sometimes bizarre stories that capture our imagination and spark important conversations about the future of our planet and our species.

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