In a week filled with bizarre news, several stories have captured the attention of the public. From a new UFO bill in the United States to a Bigfoot sighting and a legal ruling on the classification of Mexican food, here’s a closer look at the strangest news of the week.

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UAP Transparency Act

The UAP Transparency Act, set to be introduced in Congress by Representatives Tim Burchett, Anna Paulina Luna, and Jared Moskowitz, aims to shed light on the often obscure world of UFO research and its funding. The bill, if passed, would mandate the declassification of all UFO-related documents held by federal agencies within 270 days. However, the primary motivation behind this legislation is not the search for extraterrestrial life or “little green men,” as Burchette puts it. Instead, the bill’s proponents are more concerned with tracking where taxpayer dollars are being allocated when it comes to funding these enigmatic projects.

In an interview with Fox News, Burchette emphasized that the UAP Transparency Act is not about confirming the existence of alien visitors but rather about ensuring accountability and transparency in government spending. He pointed out that many “black projects” receive substantial funding under the guise of UFO research, but the public is left in the dark about how these funds are actually being used. The bill seeks to address this issue by compelling federal agencies to disclose information about their UFO-related activities and expenditures.

Canada’s UFO Efforts

Canada’s own UFO research group, known as the Canada Sky Project, is expected to release its report by the end of summer or fall 2023. However, recent revelations have raised concerns about the group’s transparency. Patrick Juneau, Transport Canada’s “lead” on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, has repeatedly downplayed the UFO issue, contributing to contradictory media statements and pushing back against access to information requests. In a January 2022 email, Juneau described UFO information requests as “abusive, harassing, and a wild goose chase,” stating that they were not in the interest of taxpayers.

Interesting Bigfoot Sighting

On August 2, 2022, Mark and his family were enjoying a peaceful picnic in their favorite forest when an incredible event unfolded. As their young daughter Lily played nearby, Mark and his wife Jenny suddenly heard a scream. Rushing to check on Lily, they were stunned by what they saw — an enormous hairy creature, easily 7 to 8 feet tall even while crouching, sitting calmly beside their daughter. Covered in long brown hair with intelligent eyes peering out, the creature had a stocky, powerful build. Despite Mark and Jenny’s initial fear, Lily seemed utterly at ease, happily mimicking the creature’s slow, playful arm movements and head tilts. Low rumbling grunts, almost like laughter, emanated from the creature as it copied Lily’s claps and foot stomps, as if the two were engaged in a game of copycat.

After Lily heard her mother’s cries and skipped back to her parents, the creature fixed its gaze on Mark and Jenny momentarily before melting back into the forest. On the way home, Lily excitedly recounted how she had begun an impromptu imitation game with a “great big puppy” she noticed watching her from the bushes while she gathered pinecones. Unsure of what to do next and not wanting to disturb the creature’s existence, Mark and Jenny decided to post their story anonymously on a cryptozoology forum instead of contacting wildlife authorities. Despite revisiting the forest, the family never again crossed paths with Lily’s mysterious friend. However, the memory of that surreal summer day, when a legendary creature and a little girl connected in innocent play, will forever linger in their minds.

Mexican Tacos are NOW Sandwiches

In a surprising legal development, an Indiana judge has ruled that tacos and burritos are now classified as Mexican-style sandwiches. The decision, made by Indiana Judge Craig Bobay, ended a lengthy dispute between a restaurant owner in Fort Wayne and the local authorities. The ruling allows the restaurant, Famous Taco, to open a second location in a strip mall on the city’s southwest side. The mall had previously only allowed sandwich shops and food made to order, in an effort to prevent fast food chains from opening in the location. The restaurant owner argued that tacos and burritos should be considered sandwiches, ultimately leading to the judge’s decision.

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