UFOs have made it into the mainstream news in recent years with increasingly serious coverage, but what about Pop Culture? The themes of aliens and UFOs were spotlighted in several Super Bowl ads this year.

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US Population and Super Bowl Viewership Highlights

As of February 14, 2024, the United States boasts a population of 341,129,084, according to the latest data from the United Nations analyzed by Worldometer. In the realm of sports and entertainment, this year’s Super Bowl has set a remarkable viewership record. Initial predictions estimated the event would attract 112 million viewers, but the actual figures far surpassed expectations.

An impressive 123.4 million viewers tuned in to watch this year’s Super Bowl, marking it as the most-watched broadcast in the US since the historic 1969 Moon landing. Furthermore, Nielsen’s Group reported an unprecedented viewership of 202.4 million people who watched at least part of the game across all networks, setting a new record for the event. While global viewership statistics are still pending, the numbers are anticipated to be significantly high.

Amidst the excitement, the cost for a 30-second commercial spot during Super Bowl LVIIII held steady at $7 million. This figure underscores the immense value and wide-reaching impact of advertising during one of the most celebrated sporting events in the United States, reflecting the substantial audience engagement and the event’s cultural significance.

Squarespace with Martin Scorsese

According to Vanity.com, in a creative twist to advertising, Squarespace’s Chief Creative Officer, David Lee, unveiled an innovative concept for the company’s latest ad, inspired by the recent uptick in UFO sightings. Lee expressed surprise at the lack of mainstream discussion around these sightings and proposed a unique solution. “What better way to legitimize an alien race than to launch a Squarespace website for them?” he mused, suggesting a digital platform as a means for extraterrestrials to establish credibility.

Square Space Commercial

Enter Martin Scorsese, a director synonymous with mob and drama films like ‘Wolf on Wall Street’, ‘Goodfellas’, and ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’, who took on the challenge of directing Squarespace’s offbeat commercial. Despite his traditional cinematic themes, Scorsese embraced the concept with enthusiasm. “Let’s go big, let’s do something out of this world — space guys building a website,” Scorsese remarked, intrigued by the prospect of making extraterrestrial life relatable to the hustle and bustle of New York City life. His involvement signifies a daring venture into unfamiliar territory, humorously questioning if busy New Yorkers would even notice extraterrestrials among them.

Martin Scorsese holding tablet

In one memorable moment in the commercial, a woman scrolling through social media bypasses a video authenticated by the Pentagon as “Proof of Extraterrestrials” in favor of watching a cat video, highlighting society’s desensitization to the extraordinary.


In their Super Bowl commercial, Oreo hired the Martin Agency to depicted three distinct moments in history, captivating viewers with scenes that included two government officials gazing skyward at a UFO, it is a possibility that they were portraying ‘Project Blue Book’ . This creative choice ties into Oreo’s ambitious interstellar campaign, which the brand unveiled with great anticipation for an eventful 2024. Oreo has introduced a galaxy-inspired, limited-edition rocket cookie and announced a contest that offers fans the thrilling opportunity to embark on an expedition to the edge of space. This initiative builds upon the brand’s engaging 2021 “OREO Offering” campaign, which encouraged people to extend Oreos as a friendly gesture towards extraterrestrials, showcasing Oreo’s continued fascination and playful engagement with the theme of outer space exploration.

Oreo Commercial

Apartments.net with Jeff Goldblum

In a creative fusion of science fiction and the everyday challenge of finding a place to live, Apartments.net, in collaboration with LA-based advertising and marketing agency RPA, unveiled its latest commercial. The ad capitalizes on Jeff Goldblum’s iconic status in the sci-fi genre, presenting a scenario reminiscent of a high-stakes alien invasion film. However, the narrative takes a humorous twist as it becomes clear that these extraterrestrials are in pursuit of nothing more than a suitable apartment.


The commercial opens with a dramatic confrontation that could easily be mistaken for a scene from a blockbuster, only to reveal that the aliens’ intentions are quite benign. Jeff Goldblum serves as the mediator between the human and extraterrestrial characters, adeptly navigating their cosmic apartment-hunting requirements with his signature charm.

Mountain Dew with Aubrey Plaza

In a 30-second spot for Mountain Dew, actress Aubrey Plaza takes center stage to promote the brand’s Baja Blast flavor. Throughout the commercial, Plaza finds herself in an unexpected scenario, showcasing her ability to ‘have a blast’ in any situation, including a dramatic alien abduction.

Mountain Dew Commercial

As the advertisement unfolds, viewers are treated to a unique blend of humor and suspense, typical of a UFO abduction scene. However, instead of reacting with terror, Plaza embraces the extraterrestrial encounter with her characteristic wit. With a calm demeanor amid the chaos, she says, “Probe me already,” turning the typical abduction narrative on its head.

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