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European Union and UAP Research

According to the Libertarian Times - In a notable development within the European Parliament, Francisco Guerreiro has initiated a call for the European Union to implement a comprehensive system dedicated to the collection and analysis of UAP. During a plenary session, Guerreiro stressed the significance of integrating a UAP data collection and scientific analysis program into the forthcoming European Space Law. This initiative, in coordination with the European Space Agency, forms part of new legislation under the guidance of European Commissioner Thierry Breton.

Guerreiro has raised concerns about the European Space Agency’s capacity for such investigations and has questioned the EU Commission on the current state of UAP documentation and reporting across EU agencies and member countries. In response, Thierry Breton clarified that the EU Space Programme’s current mandate does not extend to UAP data collection, with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) tasked with managing safety reports involving unidentified objects in airspace.


U.S. Military Tracks High-Altitude Balloon, Is it Another UFO..?

According to CBS — A high-altitude balloon, initially tracked by the U.S. military over concerns of espionage, has been identified as a hobbyist balloon, according to a Defense Department official speaking to CBS News. The military’s interest was piqued when the balloon was spotted traversing the Western U.S., with the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) confirming its detection at altitudes between 43,000 and 45,000 feet. The situation escalated to the point where NORAD dispatched fighter jets over Utah to intercept the balloon for closer inspection.

Upon interception, NORAD fighters determined that the balloon was not maneuverable and posed no threat to national security, announcing that they would continue to monitor its trajectory. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also assessed the balloon, concluding it did not pose a hazard to flight safety. But if it wasn’t a threat, why scramble jets and get NORAD and the FAA involved..? Food for thought.

A.I. Demands a Refund, Canada Obeys

According to Oddee — Air Canada recently encountered a significant hiccup with its AI-driven chatbot, leading to unintended consequences for both the airline and a customer, Jake Moffatt. Moffatt, who was arranging travel for his grandmother’s funeral, was informed by the chatbot of a non-existent “bereavement” refund policy, which the airline subsequently declined to honor. However, after Moffatt escalated the issue to British Columbia’s Civil Resolution Tribunal, the airline was compelled to refund his ticket based on the incorrect information provided by the chatbot. This incident has raised questions about the reliability of AI chatbots and the responsibility of companies to stand by information dispensed through automated services.

The mishap began when Moffatt sought clarification on Air Canada’s bereavement policy via the airline’s website chatbot, leading to a miscommunication about refund eligibility for his ticket. Despite the chatbot’s assurance, Air Canada rejected Moffatt’s refund request post-travel, citing a misinterpretation of their policy. The refusal prompted Moffatt to seek legal recourse, resulting in the tribunal ruling in his favor and ordering Air Canada to issue a $482 refund alongside covering additional costs. This case underscores the challenges and potential liabilities associated with deploying AI chatbots in customer service, spotlighting the need for companies to ensure their automated systems provide accurate and consistent information.

“Path-of-Totality” Flight for Solar Eclipse Viewing

Delta Airlines is set to provide a unique aerial experience with a special flight that aligns with the path of the upcoming total solar eclipse this spring. Designated as Flight 1218, this service will depart from Austin, Texas, on April 8 and is scheduled to arrive in Detroit. The airline has chosen the A220–300 for this flight, notable for its extra-large windows, ensuring an optimal viewing experience for passengers as they witness the solar eclipse from the skies.

The flight is meticulously timed to coincide with the peak of the solar eclipse, prioritizing both the viewing opportunity and passenger safety. Delta aims to maximize the duration within the eclipse’s path-of-totality, offering passengers a rare chance to observe this celestial event from a unique vantage point. Additionally, Delta has announced that five other routes operating on the same day will also provide passengers with a favorable chance to experience the solar eclipse from the air, marking a significant effort by the airline to celebrate this astronomical phenomenon.

However, as of the latest update, tickets have already sold out.

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