A New Domain, A New Website

Welcome to Strange Paradigms..!!

Finding time to keep my old Wordpress site updated and maintained has been a huge challenge. So much of it had to be micro-managed and very little was automated. Then it got hacked a few times, and it always seemed to be down to erroneous plug-ins opening loopholes so bots could insert sneaky codes that allowed for the site links to be adjusted so they pointed to online casinos, or worse still, fake sites phishing for usernames and passwords.

This would invariably lead to a lot of downtime, and a very slow crawling website once those malicious codes were extracted.

Enough was enough. I knew I needed a more automated, less cluttered, more streamlined website without any plugins, complex coding, or latency. Simple HTML pages that would load rapidly, and have automation in place where once I uploaded shows to YouTube and my Podcast host, it would update automatically.

And here we are..!!

I also felt it was best to change from 'Paradigm Shifts' to 'Strange Paradigms', and this was due mainly in part to how many sites and channels and podcasts there are out there on the web that use Paradigm Shifts as well. It got confusing for many, I later found out through emails and direct messages, so Strange Paradigms - which is also the new show title being continued soon on Friday afternoons made the best sense, and to use a .com domain instead of .blog..!!

Now, as most of you are aware, I like Twitter, although I don't post on it often, sometimes going several days without 'Tweeting'. This is down to a couple of things, primarily time constraints; as Twitter like most Social Media can be a huge vacuum cleaner on your time..!! Then another issue is the limited amount of text you can type into a Tweet - it's too limited for me. So now with this new website, and all the time-saving automations, I will be able to blog more.

Things like news reports, updates, previews, reviews, and general chit-chat. So make sure to add this site to your bookmarks, and check in often as I will be posting often..!!


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