After United States Representative Anna Paulina Luna shared her experience of being visited by the men in black — it’s time to talk about it. This recent event brings up questions about who these secretive figures are. It seems they might visit anyone, from politicians and celebrities to military officials and researchers , showing that nobody is off-limits for the Men in Black.

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Representative Anna Paulina Luna gets ‘Men in Blacked’

Representative Anna Paulina Luna, a member of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, has become a pivotal figure in the investigation into UFOs, following her experiences during a series of historic hearings with military whistleblowers. Luna reported being obstructed by Pentagon officials and shadowed by unidentified agents, which she referred to as being ‘men-in-blacked,’ during her inquiry at Eglin Air Force Base when looking into the phenomena. On The Grant Mitt Podcast, she revealed her belief that the aircraft discussed in classified briefings with Air Force whistleblowers are of non-human or possibly inter-dimensional origin.

Who are the Men in Black..?

The Men In Black (MIB) are a mysterious group that have become ingrained in popular culture and and UFO lore — primarily associated with UFO sightings and extraterrestrial activities. Often depicted as wearing dark suits, sunglasses, and exhibiting an unnaturally pale complexion, they are said to approach individuals who have witnessed UFO phenomena, offering warnings or compelling them to stay silent about their encounters. The origins of the Men In Black are the subject of various theories, ranging from them being secret government agents tasked with suppressing information about extraterrestrial life, to them being aliens or hybrids themselves. There are even cases of them acting similar to robots.

Could it be that the ‘Men in Black’ are possibly acting as a policing force for extraterrestrial entities living in asylum on Earth, contribute to the complex narrative surrounding UFO investigations and the existence of advanced, off-world technologies.

The Maury Island Incident 1947

On June 21, 1947 (before Roswell), off Maury Island in Washington’s South Puget Sound, Harold Dahl, along with his son Christopher, their dog, and two employees, were on a boat collecting logs when they reportedly encountered six doughnut-shaped UFOs overhead. One of these objects malfunctioned, releasing hot, molten metal that resulted in injuries to Christopher, the death of their dog, and damage to the boat. After ejecting the molten material, the unstable UFO regained stability and aligned with the other five, all of which lacked visible propulsion systems, emitted no sound, and measured approximately 100 feet in diameter.

Dahl reported that around twenty tons of debris, resembling dark, metallic lava, fell into the water and onto the beach. He collected some of the debris, but did not tell anyone about it. Following his report to his employer about the incident, Dahl was visited by a Man in Black who threatened him into silence. Despite the warning, Dahl’s decision to publicize his encounter led to a series of misfortunes, including his son’s disappearance, vandalism against his business, a mysterious illness, and widespread ridicule.

The situation escalated when, on August 1, 1947, two military officers met with Dahl to investigate the debris. Tragically, their B-52 bomber crashed near Kelso, Washington, shortly after the meeting, under mysterious circumstances speculated to be connected to the collected debris. The crash site was immediately secured by the army, sparking rumors about the plane carrying undisclosed materials.

Albert Bender 1950s

Albert Bender

In the early 1950s, Albert Bender, the founder of the International Flying Saucer Bureau (IFSB), experienced a series of disturbing encounters that would etch his name into the annals of UFO and Men in Black (MIB) mythology. Deeply immersed in UFO research, Bender claimed to have discovered a significant secret about UFOs, which he intended to reveal. His research, poised to expose a potential cover-up by the US Government regarding UFOs, was set to be published in the Space Review by 1955. However, this plan was abruptly derailed by a visit from the Men In Black. Bender described these visitors as possessing supernatural abilities, including glowing eyes and the ability to materialize and dematerialize spontaneously. Their appearance and demeanor left Bender feeling profoundly disturbed, leading to physical symptoms like severe headaches and a deep-seated fear that ultimately forced him to discontinue his UFO investigations and disband the IFSB.

The encounters with the Men In Black, who telepathically conveyed their demand for Bender to cease all UFO-related activities, were marked by bizarre phenomena, including the appearance of a yellow fog and the smell of sulfur in his home. These experiences terrified Bender, leaving him in a state of constant anxiety and fear, significantly altering his personality and quality of life. Despite the intimidation, Bender managed to issue a cryptic warning in the IFSB’s newsletter, urging caution and hinting at directives from a “higher source” to stop their work. It wasn’t until 1962 that Bender publicly shared the details of his eerie experiences with the Men In Black in his book “Flying Saucers and the Three Men,” revealing the profound impact these encounters had on his life and work. Bender’s subsequent publications were characterized by a noticeable decline in coherence, and he reported receiving mysterious phone calls until his death in 2002, a testament to the lasting terror induced by his encounters with the Men In Black.

The Encounter of Paul Miller — 1961

In November 1961, Paul Miller and his friends encountered a mysterious object and humanoid figures in North Dakota while returning from a hunting trip. After witnessing the object land in a field and then reappear, Miller, in a state of panic, shot at the figures, believing he had injured one. The group then experienced a mysterious loss of three hours as they returned to Minot. Despite their initial decision to remain silent about the event, the situation took a startling turn the next day. Miller, who worked at an Air Force office, was confronted by three men in black suits claiming to be government officials. These men demonstrated unnerving knowledge of Miller’s encounter and personal details, suggesting they had been surveilled. Their interrogation implied they were well-informed about the UFO sighting, leaving Miller and his friends in a state of shock and fear over the depth of the officials’ knowledge and the implications of their visit.

John Keel 1966

John Keel

During the 1966–67 Mothman sightings in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, ufologist John Keel encountered the Men in Black multiple times. Keel observed and documented that these individuals exhibited robotic behaviors and seemed to lack a basic understanding of human norms, suggesting they employed brainwashing techniques that induced nausea, mental confusion, and amnesia in witnesses — symptoms strikingly similar to those reported in alien abductions. Dressed invariably in black suits, the Men in Black would materialize without warning, issuing stern admonitions to those researching UFO phenomena to cease their inquiries or face severe repercussions.

Ghostbusters, Dan Aykroyd — 2002

Dan Aykroyd

In 2002, Dan Aykroyd, while working on a television show dedicated to exploring paranormal phenomena,stepped outside for a smoke break and witnessed the sudden appearance of a black Ford sedan. During this brief interlude, he received a phone call from Britney Spears, who was calling to discuss a potential appearance on “Saturday Night Live.” It was at this moment that Aykroyd observed a tall, pale man dressed in black emerging from the sedan, who proceeded to give him a dirty look before returning to the vehicle and driving away.

The situation took an unexpected turn when Aykroyd, after concluding his phone call and returning indoors, discovered that his show had been abruptly canceled. He was informed that production was to halt immediately, a mere two hours after his encounter with the mysterious man in black. The abrupt termination of Aykroyd’s show, which aimed to shed light on various aspects of the paranormal including UFO sightings and extraterrestrial encounters, has led to speculation. Some believe that the cancellation was an attempt to suppress potentially sensitive information that Aykroyd intended to disclose. However, despite such theories, there has been no definitive evidence to confirm why the show, titled “Out There,” was canceled, leaving the true motives unknown.

Shane Sover — 2008

Camera footage provided by Shane Sover

On October 14, 2008, a peculiar incident near Niagara Falls added a modern twist to the enduring mystery of the Men in Black (MIB). Shane Sovar, a hotel manager, along with a hotel security guard, reported seeing an UFO. In the weeks following this sighting, hotel staff recounted an unusual visit by two mysterious individuals inquiring about Sovar and the guard, neither of whom were present at the time. Surveillance footage reviewed by Sovar showed two men, distinguished by their black suits, fedoras, and the absence of facial hair, entering the hotel.

Whether earthly or extraterrestrial, the Men in Black will stop at nothing to keep the UFO encounters a secret.

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