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Preface: A Cautious Approach to Unexplained Phenomena

In the realm of unexplained phenomena, the recent surge in social media discussions, particularly concerning the Miami Mall Police event and the intriguing Jellyfish UFO footage, has sparked people’s interest. However, it is important to maintain a cautious stance towards dedicating entire stories and articles to such news. The reason is simple: these incidents, intriguing as they are, do not provide conclusive evidence of anything extraordinary. However, they do open doors to broader discussions and explorations.

Historical and Global Corroboration of Biological UFOs

The theory that some UFOs may be biological entities, possibly originating from another dimension, is not a new one. The recent Jellyfish UFO footage from Iraq is a case in point, but it’s far from being an isolated incident. This theory finds support in various historical and global instances.

For example, the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia, features a painting of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, but with an unusual addition: jellyfish-shaped UFOs in the background. This intriguing depiction suggests a historical awareness of such phenomena.


Moreover, a 1954 incident involving a flying jellyfish-like object following a BOAC Stratocruiser at 19,000 feet above Goose Bay, Canada, adds to the list of such sightings, indicating that this phenomenon is not confined to modern times or specific regions.

July 1, 1954

Theoretical Perspectives: Vallée and Hynek

Jacques Vallée, a renowned computer scientist and ufologist, proposed a theory that UFOs and related phenomena might be manifestations of beings from other dimensions. These entities, according to Vallée, may not necessarily be extraterrestrial but could belong to a reality operating under different physical laws. This hypothesis suggests that the phenomenon of alien visitors might originate not from our physical reality or outer space but from alternate realities or parallel universes.

Similarly, Dr. Allen Hynek, in his later years, expressed skepticism about the traditional view of UFOs as spacecraft from other worlds. He argued that the behaviors associated with UFOs — such as stopping cars, collecting soil samples, and frightening people — seemed illogical for a technologically advanced race. Hynek proposed that UFOs might instead originate from other dimensions or parallel realities existing at different frequencies from our own.

J. Allen Hynek (left) and Jacques Vallée (right)

Exploring the Djinn in Middle Eastern Folklore

In Middle Eastern folklore, the Djinn stand out as shapeshifting supernatural beings. These entities are believed to inhabit a parallel world, coexisting alongside humans yet remaining largely unseen. The Djinn are often depicted as possessing formidable powers and are known to interact with the human world in myriad ways. These interactions can be benevolent or malevolent, adding a layer of complexity to their perception in folklore.


Buddhism and the Five Realms of Samsara

In Buddhist cosmology, particularly within Mahayana and Tibetan traditions, the universe is conceptualized as comprising six realms of existence. These realms form the core of Samsara, the cycle of rebirth and suffering that is central to Buddhist belief. Among these, six realms are particularly noteworthy:

  • The God Realm: God type entities that still have attachments and desires. 
    The Asura Realm: Often translated as “demi-gods” or “titans,” inhabitants of this realm are powerful but constantly embroiled in jealousy and conflict.
  • The Human Realm: Valued for its potential, this realm is seen as desirable because it offers the opportunity for enlightenment.
  • The Animal Realm: This realm is home to non-human creatures, characterized by ignorance and servitude.
  • The Ghost Realm (Preta): Inhabitants of this realm suffer from intense desire and hunger.
  • The Hell Realm: A realm of profound suffering and torment, it represents the extreme of spiritual despair.


Religious Interpretations of Otherworldly Realms

The concepts of Heaven and Hell, along with the notions of angels and demons, are integral to various religious texts and are often interpreted as distinct dimensions or realms. For instance, the Christian prayer “Our Father who art in Heaven” suggests the existence of a realm beyond human reach, accessible only upon death or through divine intervention. This idea of extra-dimensional spaces is not unique to Christianity but is a recurring theme across different religions.

In examining various religious beliefs, from established faiths to contemporary New Age spirituality, one finds a common thread: the belief in the existence of multiple, distinct planes beyond our immediate reality. These beliefs, spanning diverse cultures and epochs, point to a universal human fascination with the idea of parallel realms and dimensions.

Credits: God The Father By Cima Da Conegliano

Vimanas: Ancient Flying Machines in Indian Scriptures

Ancient Indian scriptures provide fascinating descriptions of Vimanas, often portrayed as divine vehicles traversing the skies or even space. These descriptions present Vimanas in various forms, ranging from chariot-like structures drawn by animals to advanced, self-moving crafts capable of high speeds and intricate maneuvers. Some texts depict Vimanas as technological wonders, equipped with sophisticated machinery, potent weaponry, and occasionally, magical abilities. They are often described as being constructed from special metals, possessing the power to become invisible, emit intense beams of light, and even change shape.

Prominent examples of Vimanas are found in epic Indian texts. In the Ramayana, the demon king Ravana owns a Vimana named Pushpaka, capable of carrying multiple passengers and moving at the speed of thought; potentially demonstrating that it is interdimensional. The Mahabharata references aerial chariots used in the great battle of Kurukshetra, some equipped with advanced capabilities and formidable weapons.


Skinwalker Ranch: A Portal to the Unknown

Skinwalker Ranch, a hotspot for paranormal activity, has been the subject of intense investigation, particularly during the Bigelow era. Terry Sherman, a rancher, joined forces with the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) to probe the mysteries shrouding the ranch.

In August 1997, an alleged remarkable incident was witnessed by the NIDS team. At 3 a.m., scientists Mike and Jim, stationed at an observation post, noticed an unusual light. Setting up a camera to capture the event, they observed the light morph into what appeared to be a circular portal or tunnel. Through night vision binoculars, Mike saw a large humanoid figure emerge from this apparent interdimensional gateway, a phenomenon that has been sporadically observed at Skinwalker Ranch.

Before its closure in 2007, NIDS recorded another extraordinary portal event. This time, a Bigfoot-like creature was seen leaping into a large orange tunnel, vanishing from sight. This incident occurred while the team and ranch workers were tracking the unusual creature, which suddenly disappeared into the spontaneously appearing portal.

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Orbs and Rods: Mysterious Aerial Entities

Often captured in photographs or videos, orbs are typically glowing spheres of light, varying in size, color, and brightness. Some appear translucent, while others are more solid and luminous. They have been reported in various environments, from outdoor settings to haunted indoor locations. While some orbs may be attributed to atmospheric phenomena like ball lightning, others remain unexplained, leading to speculation about their interdimensional nature.


Known as “skyfish” or “flying rods,” rods are usually captured as elongated, blurred objects with fin-like appendages, moving at high speeds. First gaining attention in the late 1990s, rods have been reported worldwide in diverse locations. While often considered camera artifacts resulting from motion blur, the true nature of rods remains a subject of debate. Enlarged images sometimes reveal multi-winged, fish-like structures, adding to the mystery. Could they be interdimensional?


▶️ Watch Jellyfish UFO — Other Dimensions — Non Human Intelligences video here

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