In a panel interview with Cristina Gomez, the Skinwalker Ranch team behind the investigation in Utah, the epicenter of paranormal and UFO activity, divulged captivating details about their ongoing research into the phenomena that have been reported on the property for decades. Brandon Fugal, the ranch’s owner, along with his team of expert investigators, shared their experiences, theories, and the cutting-edge scientific approaches they are employing to unravel the mysteries that have perplexed both the scientific community and the general public.

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Skinwalker Ranch Team. Kaleb Bench (Left), Dr. Travis Taylor, Dr. Erik Bard, Brandon Fugal, Bryant Arnold, Thomas Winterton, Tom Lewis, Kandas Linde, Jim Morris (Right)

One of the most striking revelations from the interview was the apparent interaction between the ranch environment and the consciousness of those who enter its boundaries. As Brandon Fugal explained,

“Whatever entities or forces we are interacting with at Skinwalker Ranch seem to be able to size up the individuals that enter the property. We’ve heard many refer to it as the Hitchhiker effect, where certain phenomena will follow people home after they leave the ranch.”

This concept of a sentient, precognitive non-human intelligence, as coined by Colonel John Alexander, suggests that the phenomena at Skinwalker Ranch are not only aware of human presence but can also anticipate and respond to the thoughts and actions of investigators.

Colonel John Alexander

The team also delved into the disturbing manipulations of reality that have been witnessed on the ranch. Erik Bard, the principal investigator, shared his insights:

“My current understanding of the physics is that the kinds of things that would have to be present at the ranch to generate those effects would also have catastrophic effects on the ranch, if not the entire Earth.

This statement underscores the profound and potentially dangerous nature of the anomalies at Skinwalker Ranch, which seem to defy our current scientific understanding of the universe. Brandon also added that

“Whatever we’re dealing with has the ability to mask its identity, engage using stealth, and manipulate the environment in really disturbing ways.”

Erik Bard

Throughout the interview, team members recounted their personal experiences with the phenomena, which ranged from encounters with technological constructs to interactions with spiritual entities. Kaleb Bench, the ranch security officer, shared a particularly unnerving incident:

“We come into contact with this object that’s about 20 to 30 feet away from us. We determined it was about five to six feet long and maybe about five to six feet tall. As I’m swinging my pistol back over, I remember seeing a flash of light go across it, similar to sunlight going over water. And then another globe of light coming across the center of it, and as I saw this light coming across the surface, I could see what looked like a panel of some kind, almost appearing like a rippling effect, similar to what you would think of in a cloaking device.”

Credits: Steam Community

To tackle the complexities of the Skinwalker Ranch phenomena, the team has enlisted the help of Omniteq, an AI company, to develop advanced sensor systems and data aggregation platforms. This collaboration has led to the deployment of cutting-edge technology across the ranch, including multi-physics boxes that monitor various parameters such as received RF power, magnetic perturbations, and GPS deviations.

Credits: Omniteq

The interview also touched upon the historical significance of the Skinwalker Ranch phenomena, with accounts of bizarre occurrences dating back nearly a century. Brandon Fugal revealed,

“We’ve had one recently that came to us with an incident from 1979, and a history that even goes back to the 1930s with the old homesteaders. We had the Lock family, and it was Christopher Lock who came forward with the family history and record that has been passed down of strange events that go back nearly a hundred years on the property.”

Thomas Winterton, a key member of the investigation team, encapsulated the spirit of their endeavor:

“There’s a lot more to this world than meets the eye, and so have an open mind. Don’t be afraid to question the questions. Don’t get stuck in that box of what’s possible and what’s not possible, because what we’re witnessing out on the ranch, there’s a lot of those things we’ve been told are not possible.”

Thomas Winterton

The convergence of science and the paranormal at Skinwalker Ranch represents a unique opportunity to expand our understanding of reality and the universe we inhabit. As the team continues to peel back the layers of this cosmic mystery, one can only wonder what groundbreaking revelations await us in the coming seasons of this extraordinary investigation.

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