Cristina Gomez Talks with the Owner of Skinwalker Ranch

Into The Abyss, an Interview with Brandon Fugal. The owner of the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, opens up in an interview with Cristina Gomez of the Paradigm Shifts YouTube Channel, and the Strange Paradigms Podcast, about what’s been going on since filming of the latest season ended at the property that's been described as "The Most Investigated Paranormal Hotspot on the Planet".

Season 3 of the hit reality tv show, ‘The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch’ recently concluded on The History Channel enjoying record views, and ratings. The show is also taking streaming services such as Amazon, Discovery+, Netflix, and Hulu by storm, and fans are hungry for more insights about the mysterious Ranch.

Brandon Fugal, a successful businessman, and the Chairman of Colliers International, told Cristina, “We have seen some surprising evidence and events captured that we didn't have the opportunity to really present this last season."

Fugal went on to say, “There have been a number of TV Film crew members who have refused to come back on the Ranch.”

What would make a successful, and well known professional who depends on his business-impeccable reputation for much of his success, to take on a risky and bizarre investment such as a paranormal hotspot like Skinwalker Ranch? 

In his own words, from an early age, he’s been fascinated with mysteries such as the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and the paranormal. These interests culminated with him making the bold decision in 2016 to purchase Skinwalker Ranch from Robert Bigelow, founder of Bigelow Aerospace.

From a long history involving Native American legends of curses and skinwalkers, to modern day shocking manifestations of bizarre creatures, frequent UFO and orb sightings, poltergeist activity, disembodied voices, consistent equipment malfunctions, transient spikes in radiation and radio signals, reports of portals opening and closing, acute physical health issues suffered by visitors and members of the ranch team, cattle mutilations and strange animal deaths, a government funded secret study of the area, visitors to the ranch having paranormal activity follow them home to disturb them and their families, underground cave systems and buried metallic artifacts - this is a place where every fringe mystery you can imagine all converges into one paranormal super-storm.

While under the ownership of Robert Bigelow, a government and private funded study of the Ranch took place under the auspices of the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS), a Las Vegas based company also founded by Bigelow that operated from 1995 to 2004. While much of the research and results have remained confidential from that time period, it is well known that the research team encountered and cataloged a plethora of bizarre phenomena.

Brandon has said that he purchased the Ranch out of skeptical curiosity, and a desire to solve the mysteries of the Ranch be they of a conventional origin, or something else. Notably, he recently stated that he has gone from “a skeptic, to a believer, and now an experiencer.”

In the new interview with Cristina Gomez, Brandon characterized the Ranch as having an Intelligence, stating “Consciousness definitely plays a key role in what is occurring on the property. We are also dealing with entities and phenomena that are definitely a few steps ahead of us. We are not in control. That is clear. The forces we are dealing with have command over spacetime, over the environment in a way that is unexplained, that is baffling and disturbing. We truly are dealing with advanced physics.”

Brandon also revealed, "I've offered Bob Bigelow the opportunity to come out to the Ranch, as well as several of the people who served on the Ranch prior to my acquisition, and they've not only refused, but have been adamant that they have no desire to set foot on that property again."

The overarching priority for Brandon during the time of his ownership of the Ranch has been the safety and security of his research team, and visitors. However he revealed during the interview that disturbing and occasionally dangerous situations do occur, which ultimately results in TV Film Crew and visitors refusing to return.

In the interview, Brandon explained, "There are a lot of experiences, even disturbing appearances, that we haven't revealed, we don't report on, that frankly is not appropriate for the docu-series. There are certain events that occur, certain experiences that people have had, that the History Channel believes to be either inappropriate - or maybe inappropriate is not the right term, that they are just not comfortable with it being presented, and we have to respect people's privacy as well." 

The research team on the Ranch is made up of Erik Bard, who is the Principal Scientific Investigator, Dr.Travis Taylor, who is the Senior Science Advisor and who worked in the capacity of Chief Scientific Consultant for the US Government's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF), Thomas Winterton, who is the Ranch Manager/Superintendent, Bryant Arnold, who is the Head of Security and Safety, Kaleb Bench, who is an active Law Enforcement Officer, and doubles as Ranch Security, Kandus Linde and Tom Lewis, who are Ranch Caretakers, and Jim Morse, who is the Community Outreach Director. 

All members of the research team have witnessed a wide variety of paranormal phenomena throughout the 3 seasons of the Docu-Series ‘The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch’

Skinwalker Ranch Investigative Team, headed by owner Brandon Fugal (Photo Credit:

The public interest in the bizarre goings-on at the 512 acre working ranch continues to grow rapidly, and reach new audiences around the world, with the help of streaming services such as Netflix that recently debuted Season 1 in Europe.

While Season 4 has yet to be officially confirmed by the History Channel, Brandon and his research team have taken the unprecedented step of making themselves available via their Skinwalker Insider website ( for live Q&A sessions, data releases, plus a 24/7 live feed of several cameras around the Ranch, focused on hotspots where numerous examples of anomalous activity has been noted to occur. The Livestream of the high-tech cameras is accompanied by a live chat feature which enables viewers to interact with each other, and members of the research team join in the conversations.

What is it about this piece of land situated in the Uintah Basin area of Northeastern Utah that is galvanizing the interest and excitement of young and old audiences alike..?

While you can choose from a host of popular reality TV shows that document investigations into such topics as hauntings, UFO sightings, ancient myths and legends, and secret government projects, the Skinwalker Ranch has all of these rolled into one spooky property, and much more.

It has been theorized by many over the years that there is a ‘trickster intelligence’ on the ranch, a non-human intelligence that exhibits the ability to not only see into people’s minds, but also into time. There have been witnesses and victims to events and situations that have been extremely traumatic

The property acquired the name of Skinwalker Ranch due to the long history of sightings of entities that appeared to be part human, part animal, and most notably wolf-like. These entities are known by many names due to the legends and folklore of Native American tribes across the United States and Canada.

Former Navajo Ranger John Dover has described these entities as “coming about as the result of very evil witchcraft. They are shapeshifting witches, or shamen, being extremely dangerous, and active across the reservations and deserts of the Southwestern United States.”

The ranch is bordered by the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation, with Ute tribal communities having a presence that dates back centuries. In his research and journals about the ranch and Native American legends, the late Joseph "Junior" Hicks, a local well known and beloved expert, the Utes battled with the Navajo in an effort to expel them from the Basin, not long before the arrival of white pioneers and settlers. The Navajo reluctantly moved away from the Basin leaving its prime hunting grounds to the Utes, but according to the legends of both tribes, the Navajo cursed the Ute with affliction of an entity known as a "Skinwalker", that could take the form of a half human, half wolf or, it's reputed, any animal. 

According to what Hicks has said, there is an area of the ridgeline mesa next to the ranch that is known as "Skinwalker Ridge", which is still avoided by local Utes. In 1905, the land next to the ridge became settled by the Myers Family with a small homestead.

The late Joseph "Junior" Hicks with Brandon Fugal on the Ranch. (Photo Credit:

To this day, there are reports of skinwalkers being seen in the area in and around the ranch, being seen as werewolf-type creatures, and other times being described as dogmen, and have red eyes. It would be easy to dismiss such tales, but some reports have even been filed by local law enforcement, and include witness accounts of human footprints that turn into very large canine tracks.

While some fans of the show, and researchers of the mysteries in and around the Ranch will go to great lengths to do their own investigations, or try to experience examples of the paranormal phenomena there, Thomas Winterton, the Ranch Manager/Superintendent has a warning to tell, involving a serious health issue that arose within the same timeframe of his digging into the ground on the Ranch, which he had been warned not to do by several individuals and local Native Ute Tribal members.

In both the TV Show, and in an interview with Cristina Gomez on the Paradigm Shifts YouTube Channel, Thomas talked about a mysterious and painful scalp condition that separated his scalp from his skull, and a buildup of fluid that the consulting Doctors could not explain.

Furthermore, Thomas talked about enduring manifestations of an entity that followed him home from the Ranch, making him and his family fearful. Thomas even captured footage on his security cameras of some of the paranormal activity.

Looking to the future, and reflecting on the past, Brandon Fugal stated in the interview, "I'm the owner of arguably the most disturbing piece of property, by some accounts, on the planet. We are now in the middle of digging deeper, both figuratively and literally, and exploring that region of the ranch, (a zone within the mesa that has been shown to have unusual properties, rare metals machined into layered strips, a void, and a possible metallic dome-like structure) which holds, I think, some real secrets."

While in recent years, the topic of UFOs has undergone a dramatic paradigm shift in the public consciousness due to the release of US Naval pilot gun-camera video footage of unidentified objects performing incredible speeds and maneuvers, the serious treatment of the UFO topic with almost daily mainstream media programming during 2021, as well as more openness and public hearings in Washington DC, there are many who believe that there is an ongoing coverup about the issue, and that disclosure will not come from the US Government anytime soon.

With the continuing UFO sightings accompanied by extraordinary phenomena at the Ranch, being studied by a dedicated group under the direction of Brandon Fugal, supported by the level of transparency and public access through the Insider website - one has to wonder if ‘Disclosure’ will come from Skinwalker Ranch before it comes, if ever, from the US Government, and maybe that truth will be far more bizarre than anyone can imagine, involving so many forms of fringe phenomena. A truth that may represent a colossal paradigm shift in the global public consciousness about our place in the Universe, the existence of other dimensions, and proof of an afterlife, all in one fell swoop.


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