Bryce Zabel, a veteran TV journalist, investigative reporter, and Hollywood creator, has been deeply involved in the UFO topic throughout his career. With a childhood fascination for Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone, which often featured alien-related themes, Zabel has gone on to create TV shows and movies that delve into the complex world of UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

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In a recent interview, Zabel shared his thoughts on the intricate relationship between Hollywood and the UFO issue.

“I think the media is complicit in opposing disclosure because they cover the legitimate story so poorly because they’ve bought Whole Hog into the denial and ridicule aspect of sort of the cover of what’s behind the cover up,”

he stated, highlighting the media’s general failure to properly investigate and report on the topic.

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Zabel’s personal experience while producing the TV series Dark Skies in the 1990s sheds light on the potential involvement of intelligence agencies in Hollywood’s portrayal of UFOs. He recounted being approached by supposed intelligence officials at a premiere party, who claimed to be from the Office of Naval Intelligence and offered assistance to “help get things right” in the show.

He mentions in the interview that during his Dark Skies celebration party at his home he had a mysterious encounter that hinted at the potential involvement of intelligence agencies in the Hollywood industry. Zabel was approached by a man claiming to be from the Office of Naval Intelligence. The stranger, who was not on the guest list and lacked the special badges worn by the 200 attendees, expressed interest in providing assistance to the show to “help get things right.” Zabel recounted,

“Long story short, he ends up saying that he and his people have seen our show and they really like it, they think it’s good, but they want to give us some assistance to help get things right.”

This peculiar interaction, followed by a subsequent meeting with the man’s supposed boss, left Zabel questioning the true nature of their intentions and the extent of government involvement in shaping UFO narratives in entertainment media.

Dark Skies TV Show

Zabel also discussed his meeting with UFO whistleblower David Grusch before his public revelations, expressing his belief in Grusch’s credibility.

“I just thought from the moment I met the guy that he’s genuine, probably a patriot of high standards, and I don’t think he has embellished anything,”

David Grusch

Looking towards the future of UFO disclosure, Zabel emphasized the need to treat it as a social activist movement. He argued that UFO/UAP disclosure needs to be treated now like a social activist movement, like civil rights, like the anti-Vietnam War,” — urging the public to push for the truth from both the government and media.

While Bryce Zabel views the UFO issue as a potential national security threat, he remains hopeful that any non-human intelligence is benevolent.

“I hope that whoever else is here, that they are here in good spirits, with good intentions, and have stayed away from us for good reasons,”

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