Abducted into a UFO from a High Rise Building

This alien abduction includes Government agents, the United Nations Secretary General, and Linda, the abductee was not only abducted by a beam of light but was also kidnapped in the interests of national security twice!

▶️Watch the Abducted into a UFO from a High Rise Building Video Here

▶️Watch the Abducted into a UFO from a High Rise Building Video Here


That Night

In the early hours of November 30, 1989, the streets of Manhattan became an unexpected spectacle at 3am. Linda Cortile, now known as Linda Napolitano, a housewife living on the Lower East Side, found herself at the center of this bizarre occurrence, which was later reported by prominent UFO investigator Budd Hopkins.

Linda Napolitano and Bud Hopkins

According to various accounts collected by Mr. Hopkins, witnesses observed Linda Napolitano levitating from her apartment window and ascending into a brightly lit UFO, accompanied by three entities resembling the typical grey aliens.

Traffic Stopped to Watch

One of the key witnesses to this event was a woman referred to as “Janet Kimball” by Hopkins, a pseudonym used to protect her identity. Janet, a retired individual, was driving back to upstate New York after attending a late-night party. As she crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, she, along with other motorists, became witness to this unusual scene. Initially, they mistook the occurrence for a film shoot, but it quickly became apparent that this was no ordinary sci-fi movie set in Manhattan. Adding to the surreal nature of the event, Janet reported that people’s cars, including her own, temporarily turned off during the incident.

The origins of this strange tale trace back to when Budd Hopkins received a letter from Linda Napolitano, a resident of New York City. Linda had been reading Hopkins’ book “Intruders” when she recalled an incident from 13 years earlier. She had discovered a bump next to her nose, which a physician had attributed to nasal surgery. However, Linda was adamant that she had never undergone such a procedure, a claim that was confirmed by her mother.

The Other Witnesses

Among the witnesses were two individuals, Dan and Richard, who initially claimed to be New York police officers. They reported having observed the abduction from a vehicle parked under the FDR Drive, directly across from Linda’s building. Their story later evolved, with the pair identifying themselves as security officers for an unnamed American agency, tasked with the protection of a significant political figure.

This political figure was revealed to be Javier Perez de Cuellar, the then-Secretary-General of the United Nations, who was also purported to have witnessed the event. The presence of such a high-ranking official at the scene of an alleged alien abduction adds a remarkable layer of complexity to the case. It prompts the question of why someone of de Cuellar’s stature would be any less likely to witness an extraterrestrial event than an ordinary person. The mystery deepens with the claim that de Cuellar and his security were in the company of “two US Government officials and two foreign statesmen,” along with their security details, returning from the Governor’s Island heliport (according to Bud Hopkins). However, the identities of these additional witnesses remain undisclosed, leaving the public to speculate on their involvement.

Javier Perez de Cuellar

The narrative takes another twist 15 months later, in February 1991, when Budd Hopkins received a letter from Dan and Richard. In this correspondence, they clarified their roles as undercover officers assigned to a detail beneath the FDR Drive on the night of the sighting. They recounted witnessing a large, bright object adorned with reddish-orange and green lights, from which a woman and several peculiar figures were seen ascending. The letter also revealed their subsequent role as local security guards for Javier Perez de Cuellar, expressing their concern for the woman’s safety and seeking to confirm her identity.

As Hopkins delved deeper into their account, which aligned with Linda’s own story, he discovered that Dan and Richard were associated with the CIA. This revelation, shared by Linda herself at a MUFON symposium and with Hopkins, paints a picture of an unhealthy obsession with her case, adding yet another layer of complexity to an already bewildering incident.

The Complex Web of the Linda Napolitano UFO Abduction Case

In 1993, Joseph J. Stefula, Richard D. Butler, and George P. Hansen wrote a paper titled ‘A Critique of Budd Hopkins’ Case of the UFO Abduction of Linda Napolitano’. In the paper they came across information as displayed below.

In April of 1991, Linda Napolitano reported a disturbing encounter near her apartment. She claimed that Richard, one of the individuals involved, attempted to coerce her into a car driven by Dan. Despite her resistance, she was forcibly taken and subjected to a 3.5 hour interrogation about aliens and her potential government affiliations. The abductors went as far as to inspect her feet for the absence of toes, a trait they associated with extraterrestrial beings. Linda also recalled the license plate numbers of the involved vehicles under hypnotic regression, which Hopkins suggested were linked to specific agencies, though details remained vague.

The narrative took a darker turn when Dan, overwhelmed by emotional turmoil, abducted Napolitano a second time, driven by questionable motives, only to be thwarted by Richard. In an astonishing claim to Linda, both men later stated they had been abducted alongside her, adding a layer of complexity to their surveillance activities.

The case intertwined with high-profile figures when another abductee, “Marilyn Kilmer,” claimed she, Linda, and Javier Perez de Cuellar, the then-Secretary-General of the United Nations, along with Linda’s son Johnny, were abducted together. De Cuellar’s involvement, particularly an incident where he gifted Johnny an antique diver’s helmet, added an element of intrigue. Despite verifying the abduction to Hopkins, de Cuellar insisted on remaining anonymous, citing the need for confidentiality.

Further credibility was lent to the case when Hopkins received a letter from a woman, later nicknamed Janet Kimble, who recounted a peculiar event on the Brooklyn Bridge. She claimed that on November 30, 1989, the bridge’s lights and vehicles’ engines ceased functioning, during which she witnessed a woman being levitated into a UFO.

The Hoax Debate

A major point of contention involved Javier Perez de Cuellar, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, who was purportedly a witness to Napolitano’s abduction. Cuellar’s emphatic denials of any involvement, including a formal statement to the PBS science show “Nova,” cast a shadow of doubt over the claims. Skeptics might argue that an admission of such a nature from a figure of Cuellar’s prominence was unlikely, regardless of the truth.

Further complicating the narrative was the claim that American agents, rather than the United Nations’ own security force, were tasked with guarding Cuellar. This contradicted standard protocol, where the UN typically employs its security personnel, and in Washington D.C., the Secret Service would assume such responsibilities. The alleged involvement of “Richard” and “Dan” as agents guarding Cuellar raised questions about the authenticity of their roles and the validity of the entire account.

Linda Napolitano and Bud Hopkins

The credibility of key witnesses — or the lack thereof — also posed a significant hurdle. Apart from Cuellar, the abduction’s only purported witnesses were Richard, Dan, and a woman Hopkins named Janet Kimball. The reliability of their testimonies largely depended on Linda’s and Hopkins’ accounts, with the latter’s credibility being especially crucial. Linda’s limited public appearances and the absence of independent verification, such as extensive interviews or polygraph tests, left many questions unanswered, placing the burden of proof squarely on Hopkins’ belief in Linda’s story.

What do you think really happened in November of 1989?

▶️Watch the Abducted into a UFO from a High Rise Building Video Here

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