Located in Northern California, close to the Oregon border, Mount Shasta is not just a semi-active volcano standing at 14,162 feet tall; it’s also a repository of myths and legends. This majestic peak is believed to be home to a variety of mystical beings and phenomena, from spirits, gods, and Bigfoot to aliens, robots, and ascended masters. According to folklore, the mountain and its surroundings are dotted with hidden gold cities, underground bases, and secret tunnels, making it a focal point for tales of the extraordinary.

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Native American Legends

Mount Shasta is revered in the traditions of several Native American tribes, including the Shasta, Klamath, Modoc, and Achumawi peoples. These communities view the mountain as a spiritual nexus, where the material and supernatural realms meet. The story of Skell and Llao, representing a cosmic battle between sky and underworld spirits with Mount Shasta as their arena, is among the most famous legends. Native lore also portrays Shasta as a dwelling of the Great Spirit, a gateway to other dimensions, and home to beings of light and earth guardians. 

A Realm of Spirits and Supernatural Beings

The Shasta region is steeped in beliefs about “akski,” or “pains,” which local indigenous communities describe as spiritual entities manifesting as small humans and animals. These beings, residing among boulders, rapids, and streams, are thought to be the origin of all illness, misfortune, and death, bearing a resemblance to the demonic forces described in many Christian faiths. Moreover, the area is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of accident victims and “tulpas,” or thought-form entities, along roads like Interstate 5. Adding to the mystique of Mount Shasta are the glowing orbs observed on its slopes, regarded by early settlers and Native Americans as spiritual manifestations. Today, these lights attract both New Age followers and those curious about their origins, possibly linked to clandestine rituals of the Great White Brotherhood (but more on that later).

The 1976 Bigfoot Encounter

In 1976, Virgil Larson, a logger from Salmon, Idaho, had a remarkable Bigfoot encounter on Mount Shasta. Alongside his colleague Pat Conway, Larson experienced this event during a morning break in their logging work. As soon as Larson separated from Conway he started hearing noises, he expected a Forest Service worker but instead saw a tall, dark figure with a strong odor reminiscent of half rotten bear hide, startling him into retreat.

Upon Larson’s return, he and Conway found no trace of the creature, only its extreme odor. Despite an investigation by the Forest Service personnel they that noted ambiguous footprints and broken branches, the evidence remained inconclusive, preserving the mystery of Larson’s encounter as one of the most notable Bigfoot sightings in the Mount Shasta area.

J.C. Brown’s Mysterious Discovery

In 1904, J.C. Brown, a geologist and treasure hunter, claimed to have found a hidden tunnel at Mount Shasta’s base during a gold prospecting expedition for The Lord Cowdray Mining Company of England. 11 miles in the mountain, he allegedly discovered an underground city filled with gold, ancient machinery, and relics hinting at a sophisticated civilization. Among his most astonishing claims were the finding of golden tablets with hieroglyphics, unbreakable spears, and giant skeletons, some up to 11 feet tall. 30 years later he tells his story to the world, however, Brown vanished just as an expedition to explore the site was about to begin, never to be heard from again.

Lemuria and Mount Shasta

The myth of Lemuria, a lost continent home to an advanced civilization, has been intertwined with Mount Shasta thanks to the esoteric work “A Dweller on Two Planets,” written in the late 1880s by Frederick Spencer Oliver. 


And according to the book “National Park Mysteries and Disappearances California” by Steve Stockton and Bill Melder, there are narratives about a secret society dwelling within this concealed city inside Mount Shasta. Known as the Great White Brotherhood, this name reflects not their skin color but the radiant white light that often surrounds these beings, who are typically clad in immaculate white robes. They are described as a group of spiritually advanced beings or “ascended masters,” attracted to Mount Shasta by its unique energy. Allegedly residing within the mountain, they navigate through golden tunnels to their secluded temples adorned with jewels and crystals.

Encounters with the Unknown

Guy W. Ballard, a Chicago occultist, further enriched Mount Shasta’s mystical narrative in 1930 by claiming encounters with ascended masters, including one with The Ascended Master St. Germain, who offered him a rejuvenating, mysterious drink. Ballard’s experiences contributed to a series of reports involving meetings with otherworldly beings on the mountain, from white-robed individuals to a community of Lemurians revealing extensive tunnel networks.

The Unresolved Disappearance of Carl Herbert Landers on Mount Shasta

Carl Herbert Landers, a 69-year-old adventurer from Orinda, California, mysteriously disappeared on Mount Shasta during a climbing expedition on May 22, 1999. An experienced outdoorsman aiming to climb California’s highest peaks, Landers vanished, leaving no trace despite comprehensive search efforts.

Carl Herbert Landers

Last seen by his companions near Lake Helen, Landers, feeling unwell, ventured alone towards the summit, fully equipped for the journey. However, he never returned, and despite his outdoor savvy and preparation, no evidence of his whereabouts has been found.

Extensive searches across the challenging terrain of Mount Shasta yielded no clues to Landers’ fate. Theories range from an accidental fall in a hidden area to natural causes related to his pre-existing illness. More speculative ideas touch on Mount Shasta’s legendary status, suggesting more mystical explanations for his disappearance

The Mysterious Disappearance and Return of a Boy

In September 2011, a family outing at Fowler’s Campground, located just below Mount Shasta near McCloud Falls, turned into a frantic search when a 3-year-old boy, accompanied by his dog, wandered away from his family. Realizing the boy was missing, the family quickly alerted authorities, sparking a large-scale search operation. The effort saw the mobilization of the sheriff’s department, volunteer firefighters, and others, all united in the mission to find the young boy.

The search team’s spirits were initially dampened upon finding the boy’s dog drenched and trembling by the riverbank, raising fears of the child being swept away by the river’s strong currents. However, hope was restored when, at 12:45 a.m., a search dog found the boy hidden within a bush, safe from harm. This successful rescue was hailed as a significant achievement, with local media extensively covering the story and the community expressing their gratitude.

An Unsettling Story Emerges

Weeks after the rescue, a bewildering twist emerged, adding to the mystique of Mount Shasta’s reputation for strange occurrences. The boy recounted an eerie experience during his time lost in the woods, claiming he was taken by an “other grandma” who resembled a robot, to a sinister cave filled with spiders, and items like purses and guns, which he was too frightened to touch. He described a peculiar encounter where the robot-like grandmother examined his abdomen, telling him he originated from outer space and was placed in his mother’s womb. According to the boy, he was then returned to the riverbank and instructed to hide under a bush until he was found because the other grandmother was frustrated with him as he would not defecate on a paper.

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