UFOs in the News 2023: Overview

In 2023, the world's attention was captivated by a series of extraordinary events in the realm of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), marking a year of unparalleled activity and intrigue. From the initial reports of mysterious "weather balloons" over North America to the perplexing incidents of aerial objects in Alaskan, Canadian, and Michigan airspace, the global narrative expanded to include a diverse range of phenomena. These included the startling revelations of potential extraterrestrial probes, as hypothesized by renowned scientists, the mysterious cattle mutilations in Texas, and the enigmatic sightings in Las Vegas, the UK, and Turkey. 

The year was further punctuated by significant administrative and legislative developments, such as the Schumer-Rounds amendment for UAP transparency and the leadership changes in key investigative bodies like AARO. Each event contributed to a growing discourse on UAPs, blending scientific inquiry, national security concerns, and public fascination into a complex tapestry of the unknown.


North American Incidents: February began with reports in the New York Times of "weather balloons" over the USA and Canada. However, the situation quickly escalated with a series of unidentified objects entering sensitive airspace.

  • Alaskan Airspace Intrusion (February 10th): An unidentified object was tracked entering Alaskan airspace. In response, F-22 Raptor fighter jets engaged and successfully shot down the object near Deadhorse, Alaska.
  • Canadian Airspace Breach (February 11th): The very next day, another unidentified object was detected in Canadian airspace near the Yukon Territory. NORAD promptly scrambled fighter jets, leading to the object's destruction.
  • Michigan Sighting (February 12th): A third incident occurred over Lake Huron, Michigan, where F-16 fighter jets intercepted and shot down another unidentified object within US airspace.

Official Responses: The White House initially described these objects as "cylindrical" and "metallic," without confirming their origins or purposes. The Pentagon released limited information about the objects' radar signatures and flight characteristics, indicating they were neither standard aircraft, drones, nor known balloons. NORAD confirmed the actions were taken to ensure air traffic safety and national security. John F. Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council, stated that the military had not yet identified the source or purpose of the objects, but assured there was no immediate danger to Americans on the ground.

Romania and Moldova's Concerns: On February 14th, Romania and Moldova reported strange objects in their skies, resembling the earlier North American incidents. Romania scrambled military jets under NATO command after detecting an object at about 11,000 meters altitude, but could not visually or radar-confirm its presence. Moldova, facing an unidentified object near its northern border with Ukraine, temporarily closed its airspace, leading to widespread travel disruptions and flight cancellations. These incidents raised alarms in Eastern Europe, particularly against the backdrop of Russia's war in Ukraine. The origins of these objects remained unclear, following the pattern of the high-altitude incidents in the U.S. 


Canada's UFO Research Project (March 1st): The "Sky Canada Project," led by the Office of the Chief Science Advisor of Canada, marked the first official Canadian UFO research effort in nearly three decades. The study aims to understand how Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) reports are handled in Canada and to propose improvements. The project plans to collect information throughout the winter and spring, with an internal draft report expected in the fall and a final public report in late 2023 or early 2024.

Avi Loeb and Sean Kirkpatrick (March 22nd): Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb and Sean M. Kirkpatrick, director of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), co-authored a draft paper suggesting the possibility of an alien mothership using tiny probes, termed "dandelion seeds," to explore our solar system. The paper, titled "Physical Constraints on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena," hypothesizes these probes could gather and transmit information back to their source, drawing parallels to human space exploration methods. Loeb, inspired by the interstellar object ‘Oumuamua's unusual characteristics, suggests these objects could be alien spaceships. Despite not being peer-reviewed or an official Pentagon document, the paper reflects a growing interest in studying UAPs, with the AARO investigating numerous encounters.


AARO Funding Hearing (April 19th): A significant event in April was the Senate Armed Services Emerging Threats Subcommittee hearing, where Senator Kirsten Gillibrand voiced criticism over the insufficient funding allocated to the Pentagon's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). Despite initial substantial funding, the proposed budgets for fiscal years 2023 and 2024 were deemed inadequate, covering only operating expenses and neglecting critical research and development. AARO, responsible for tracking and identifying UFOs, came into the spotlight following a Chinese surveillance balloon incident, with over 650 UAP incidents reported under its watch. Watch hearing here: https://www.youtube.com/live/XOFsDFDY4lk?si=gfA3yUdU6-Q8VsIL 

Cattle Mutilation in Texas (April 25th): In a bizarre turn of events, the Madison County Sheriff's Office in Texas reported a series of cattle mutilations. Investigations into a cow found killed with its tongue removed led to the discovery of five similar incidents in the area. The mystery deepened with a necropsy revealing one of the cows had died of pneumonia, leaving unanswered questions about the precise nature of these mutilations. Learn more about cattle mutilations here: https://www.youtube.com/live/RxRQUVNvcVc?si=0OhO07Ya9g54pqBm 

Las Vegas Alien Sighting (April 30th): The end of April was marked by a startling report from a Las Vegas family who witnessed a mysterious crash in their backyard, claiming to have seen "non-human" beings. This report was supported by Las Vegas Metro police officer's body camera footage and similar sightings across eastern California, Nevada, and Utah. The incident, which included descriptions of large, alien-like figures and a circular imprint at the crash site, remains shrouded in mystery.


UFO Over UK Coronation (May 8th): During the Coronation celebrations in the UK, photographer Simon Balson captured an unusual image of a UFO in the sky above the Red Arrows display in East London. The image, showing a strange object resembling a floating acorn, sparked widespread curiosity and speculation.

Turkish Airport UFO Incident (May 19th): A UFO sighting over Gaziantep, Turkey, led to the suspension of flights at Gaziantep Oğuzeli Airport for 12 hours. The unidentified object, confirmed by air traffic control and spotted by a passenger aircraft, added to the growing global intrigue surrounding UFOs.

NASA UAP Media Briefing (May 31st): A significant development in UFO research was the first public meeting of an independent NASA panel formed to study UFOs. The panel, comprising experts from various scientific fields, discussed the challenges in documenting UAPs with existing technology and the stigma surrounding such reports. This NASA inquiry marks a significant shift in the government's approach to UFOs, focusing on unclassified reports from civilian observers and emphasizing airspace safety and national security. You can watch video here: https://www.youtube.com/live/XV1OilJ5_Tk?si=JkvgrIWqPeByLgsD 


Peru's Mysterious Attacks (Summer): Residents of the Haikito tribe in San Antonio, Alto Nanai, northeast of Lima, Peru, reported terrifying encounters with mysterious beings known as "Los Falcaras" or "the face peelers." Initially believed to be extraterrestrial due to their bizarre appearance and abilities, subsequent investigations revealed a more terrestrial cause. It was discovered that a gang of illegal gold miners, possibly linked to drug cartels and using advanced technology like jetpacks, were behind these attacks, aiming to intimidate the villagers and protect their illicit operations. Watch video here: https://www.youtube.com/live/_EWw38_C1Vg?si=7SERrciQ8sv7p3YT 

Grusch's Whistleblower Claims (June 11th): David Grusch, a former member of the UAP Task Force and an Air Force veteran, made headlines with his claims about the U.S. government's possession of non-human vehicles and encounters with extraterrestrial life. Grusch alleged that the Task Force was denied access to a broader crash retrieval program involving vehicles of non-human origin. His claims, though lacking concrete evidence, stirred the ongoing debate about UAPs and their possible origins.


UAP Witness Hearing (July 26th): A significant event was the testimony of three military veterans, including David Grusch, before a hearing focused on UAPs. Grusch claimed the U.S. government had secret programs for reverse-engineering recovered vessels and had obtained non-human "biologics" from crash sites. The hearing aimed to improve UAP reporting processes and reduce stigma, despite the Pentagon's denial of verifiable information supporting these claims. Watch hearing here: https://www.youtube.com/live/oGE4lmK_IN8?si=bcgUaCquHX4lfU-s 

Schumer-Rounds Amendment (July 14th): In a legislative move, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Mike Rounds introduced the Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) Disclosure Act of 2023. This amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act seeks to increase transparency around UAPs by establishing a UAP Records Collection at the National Archives. The initiative, inspired by the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act, mandates the disclosure of UAP-related documents, subject to national security considerations.


Peruvian Sheep Slaughter: In late August, a disturbing incident occurred in the rural province of Chincheros, Peru, where 33 sheep and lambs were found brutally killed. The animals, discovered with deep holes in their heads and other mutilations, sparked a mix of explanations. Local authorities and the National Agricultural Health Service (Senasa) suggested a wild animal attack, possibly by a cougar. However, the unusual nature of the injuries, including the precise method of brain removal, led to speculation about other causes, ranging from the mythical chupacabra to extraterrestrial involvement. The incident left the local community in shock and confusion.


Mexican UAP Hearing (September 12th): A significant event was a hearing on unidentified anomalous phenomena in Mexico, where journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan presented two alleged ‘non-human’ bodies. Claimed to be ancient extraterrestrial remains, these specimens exhibited unique features like three fingers and toes. DNA analysis and radiocarbon dating conducted by the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM) supported Maussan's claims, revealing a significant portion of unknown DNA. The hearing, featuring various experts, delved into the aspects of UAPs and potential extraterrestrial life, highlighting the divided opinions on their origins. You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/live/Vqq7fEOMDPc?si=kU9r96vVQp49COsK 


AARO Annual Report (October 17th): The All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) released its annual report, covering incidents from August 31, 2022, to April 30, 2023. The report documented an increase of 291 reports, bringing the total to 941 cases. Most incidents were in the air domain, with a single case in the maritime domain. AARO is now incorporating UAP reports from the Federal Aviation Administration and enhancing collaboration with various U.S. military and civilian agencies. The report emphasized the challenges in domain awareness and the need to address reporting biases and improve data quality.


Second Mexican UAP Hearing (November 7th): This month saw the convening of a second hearing in Mexico focused on UAPs. The panel focused on the data, and DNA. 

You can watch video here: https://www.youtube.com/live/s8daU96uTXw?si=t4ZoI-pDmF99QxsH 

Sean Kirkpatrick's Departure from AARO (November 7th): Sean Kirkpatrick announced his resignation from the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) after an impactful tenure of 18 months. During his time, AARO investigated over 800 cases and significantly contributed to the public and congressional discourse on UAPs and extraterrestrial life. Kirkpatrick, known for his work in military science and physics, was instrumental in refuting whistleblower claims about government cover-ups and promoting transparency in UAP reporting. His deputy, Tim Phillips, is set to serve as the acting head following Kirkpatrick's departure.

Renewal of Grusch’s Security Clearance (November 8th): In a notable legislative move, an amendment was passed in the House to renew the security clearance of David Grusch, a former intelligence officer and whistleblower. This development will enable Grusch to share sensitive information related to UAPs in a secure facility, potentially shedding more light on the U.S. government's knowledge and activities in this area.

Watch Short here: https://youtu.be/mxdC4EAAWQc?si=gaqWZa7yDsl9Quy6 

UFO Sighting at Imphal Airport, India (November 21st): The Imphal airport in India experienced a significant disruption when a UFO was sighted from the control tower, leading to a suspension of flights for four hours. This incident adds to the growing list of UAP sightings at critical infrastructure locations worldwide, raising questions about airspace safety and the nature of these unexplained phenomena.

From the skies of North America to the remote regions of Peru, from legislative halls to military bases, the global community has witnessed a remarkable series of events that have challenged our understanding of the unknown.

The year saw everything from startling sightings and mysterious animal mutilations to high-profile resignations and legislative actions aimed at increasing transparency in UAP research. The involvement of various governmental bodies, including AARO and NASA, along with the participation of international experts, underscores the growing recognition of the importance of understanding UAPs.

What will 2024 have in store? 


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Key UAP Events of 2023: A Monthly Recap


  • No significant UAP events reported.


  • February 10-12: Reports of "Weather balloons" over the USA and Canada.
  • February 14: Romania and Moldova report sightings of strange objects in their skies.


  • March 1: Inauguration of the Canadian UFO office.
  • March 22: Kirkpatrick and Loeb publish a significant paper on UAPs.


  • April 19: AARO funding hearing takes place.
  • April 25: Mysterious cattle mutilations reported in Texas.
  • April 30: Alien sighting reported in Las Vegas.


  • May 8: UFO sighting during the coronation event in the UK.
  • May 19: Turkey Airport experiences a UFO sighting, leading to a 12-hour flight suspension.
  • May 31: NASA conducts a briefing on UAPs.


  • Summer (ongoing): Reports of alien attacks in Peru.
  • June 11: David Grusch makes his first appearance on News Nation discussing UAPs.


  • July 14: Schumer-Rounds amendment (UAPDA) is introduced.
  • July 26: A significant UAP witness hearing is conducted.


  • A bizarre incident in Peru involving the slaughter of 33 sheep.


  • September 12: A notable UAP hearing takes place in Mexico.


  • October 17: The AARO report is released, covering recent UAP incidents.


  • November 7: The second Mexican UAP hearing is held.
  • November 7: Sean Kirkpatrick announces his departure from AARO.
  • November 8: David Grusch's security clearance is renewed.
  • November 21: A UFO sighting at an airport in India leads to a 4-hour suspension of flights.

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