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Cristina Gomez is a UFO and Paranormal Researcher, Podcaster, Journalist, and Content Creator with a BA in Communication. 

"I want answers. Many of these mysteries seem to offer tantalizing glimpses of a world where Humanity can realize it's part of a greater Universe, and a greater Consciousness. Imagine how we could unite as a species, doing away with petty squabbles over land, race, and religion, if we knew that we were just one of an endless amount of Civilizations throughout the Cosmos..."

"I have a passion for bringing these mysteries to my Generation, and those fresh new and curious minds of High School leavers and College students. This is why I have my shows, they are meant to be my Journals of Discovery, aimed at those who will one day be the Lawmakers, the Politicians, the Military, Police, Scientists, and Influencers..."

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Cristina Gomez presents lively and fascinating video content which is also available in audio podcast format focused on the topics of UFOs, Extraterrestrials, the UFO Disclosure efforts, as well as many aspects of the Paranormal & Fringe Science. Cristina does extensive research into the topics that are discussed, and interviews guests with a genuine and passionate curiosity in an effort to bring news, updates, and research information to her audience, which ranges from High Schoolers, to College Students, through to older audiences.

She creates 3 live shows every single week. 

Cristina has interviewed Authors, Filmmakers, Researchers, Witnesses, Enthusiasts, and Field Investigators regarding their own research and pursuits for the truth behind these many perplexing mysteries on her show Shifting the Paradigm.

From esteemed Harvard Professor Avi Loeb, to veteran Journalist Lee Speigel, groundbreaking Author and Journalist Ross Coulthart, former Director of the Government's AATIP UFO project Luis Elizondo, Owner of Skinwalker Ranch, Brandon Fugal and the team, Mexican Ufologist Jamie Maussan, and many other pioneers and notables in the various fields, Cristina puts in the effort and time to formulate original questions from the perspective of a Gen Z researcher.

Each Tuesday afternoon Cristina presents a show called Tales of the Strange and Unexplained. It is a story telling show, covering cases of UFO encounters, the paranormal, and the mysterious. 

Each Thursday at 2:30pm PST Cristina presents a show called Mysteries with a History, co-hosted with radio veteran Jimmy Church, known for his work periodically hosting Coast to Coast AM, and for his own long established hit production, Fade to Black.

Mysteries with a History is a more relaxed chat show where Cristina and Jimmy cover all these mysterious topics, and interact live with members of the audience in the Live Chat feature of YouTube, taking questions and debating theories regarding the show theme. If it's anything to do with UFOs or the Paranormal, or comes under the umbrella of the extraordinary, the strange, the paranormal, and the fringe, it will be featured on Mysteries with a History.

Each Friday Cristina presents Weekly Strange News, which focuses on covering recent news items related to the strange, UFOs, fringe science, space exploration, and the mysterious.


*CRISTINA'S SOCIAL MEDIA LINKSbeacons.ai/CristinaGomez

Contact Cristina Gomez at Cristina@strangeparadigms.com 

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