Would you like Cristina Gomez to speak at your event, or appear as a guest on your show?

Cristina Gomez' booking schedule is managed through her production team at KUNX Talk Radio. When you fill out the form that is linked below, it will be reviewed by her producers.

Due to her College Campus and work schedule, Cristina's availability is very limited for bookings and events as a guest / host / presenter on events outside of her normal timetable.
As such, Cristina's ability to be available for conferences, events, and broadcast media is very restricted, and by qualified bookings only.

Due to restricted scheduling - all guest appearances and event booking requests must be placed a minimum of 2 weeks in advance of your event date, with the exception of TV Media appearances which can be set up directly via the email below.

For booking Conferences, Promotional Events, and Radio / TV Media and News Media enquiries, please email directly to: Bookings@StrangeParadigms.com

* Conditions & Restrictions apply, please scroll to bottom of this page.
* Please note: All bookings are subject to qualified scheduling.

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Restrictions, Terms, and Conditions
Cristina Gomez will NOT appear in any media event or show that is overtly, or themed primarily on:
  • - Partisan or bi-partisan politics
  • - Political Activism and / or Activist discussion outside of the scope of 'UAP Advocate / UFO Disclosure'

Cristina Gomez will NOT appear in any media event or show that allows, that is overt, or has a history of:
  • - Racist, gender, sexual, political, or social discrimination, or biases

  • - Slurs and Slander

  • - Promotes illegal activities

  • - Promotes gambling, or pornography

  • - Includes vulgar language or foul humor

Cristina Gomez and/or her producers reserve the right to decline appearances based on discretion only, without explanation being given.

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