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EVERY FRIDAY. Strange Events in the News, reviews, and Chat about UFOs, the Paranormal, and more. This week's guest Co-Host is Jessica Jones.

Cristina Gomez is joined by Jessica Jones for this episode of Strange Paradigms, where we will look at the latest news from the last week related to all aspects of the strange and the mysterious, fringe science, and the unexplained.

In the last decade, due to the internet, new technologies, and a heightened interest in UFOs and the Paranormal, the paradigm has shifted for many. We live in a world of many unexplained mysteries, bizarre happenings, strange encounters, and shocking events. In this show we will look at those events and phenomena as they are reported, and we will embark on a voyage of discovery with the viewers and listeners partaking in the live stream to try and make sense of it all.

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