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In this episode of Shifting the Paradigm, Cristina Gomez talks with Whitley Strieber who experienced bizarre encounters with 'The Visitors' in 1985 and chronicled his abductions in the worldwide bestseller 'Communion' which was also made into a movie with Christopher Walken taking on the role of Whitley.

A new format for Shifting the Paradigm talk show, with Cristina Gomez. Now 90 minutes long, in the first segment, Cristina talks with KUNX Digital Broadcasting Talk Radio station owner, Margie Kay about her quest to develop a 'New Mainstream' form of talk radio that covers all aspects of the paranormal, the supernatural, UFOs, and related phenomena.

Cristina then gives a brief review of the new UFO documentary The Observers featuring Luis Elizondo - Richard Dolan - Linda Moulton Howe - Jimmy Church - William Henry - and Debra Kauble. The video addresses UFOs and Aliens as well as the recent move towards official disclosure.

For the rest of the show, Cristina interviews Whitley Strieber. In 1985 he had an experience of a close encounter that frightened and confused him.

He was injured by it but still could not believe that it had been a physical experience. It was just too strange. Still, he was very curious and began going out into the woods at night from his little upstate New York cabin to try to somehow re-engage.

This worked, and the rest of his unusual life began. He became deeply engaged with the entities he calls "the visitors" in Communion and his follow-on books, the latest of which is A New World.

Shifting the Paradigm is a weekly Talk Show with guests from a wide variety of specialized fields of research related to the Paranormal - the Supernatural - the Unexplained - UFOs - Aliens - and the Mysterious.

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