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Cristina talks with veteran Journalist, Writer, and UFO Researcher, Lee Speigel. Over the last five decades, he has researched and reported on many apects of UFOs and the paranormal via recordings, radio, television, print media, audio/video interviews and lectures.

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From ABC, CBS, NBC, the United Nations, OMNI Magazine, AOL, The Huffington Post and KGRA Digital Broadcast Network, to co-producing/co-writing an important 2020 UFO documentary — “The Phenomenon” — I’ve presented the often-overlapping worlds of UFOs, Science and Unexplained Phenomena.

Lee Speigel has presented credible, compelling stories about UFOs, Science and the Paranormal since 1975, when he produced and wrote a documentary record album, “UFOs: The Credibility Factor,” for CBS Inc. This marked the first time that a major recording company offered a UFO-related product to the public via a prime time TV infomercial.

During production of his UFO album, Speigel and numerous law enforcement officers were involved in a historic UFO encounter in Lumberton, No. Carolina — the first well-documented, multiple witness, triangular-shaped UFO incident in America, highlighted in David Marler’s 2013 book, “Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation.”

Shifting the Paradigm is a weekly Talk Show with guests from a wide variety of specialized fields of research related to the Paranormal - the Supernatural - the Unexplained - UAP / UFOs - Aliens - and the Mysterious.

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